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Multiplexing is a technique for carrying numerous signals over a single media that is illustrated at the physical layer ...

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Projectile Motion

By measuring the speed of a ball as it descended from a specific height, we conducted an experiment to forecast projecti...

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Control of Tilting using PD controller

The passengers experience the centrifugal powers as the trains turn corners. To combat this, train companies have decide...

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The Control of Tilting using PD controller

To counteract centrifugal powers, train companies have decided to design tilting trains or railway lines with high radii...

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the variable speed drive

Variable speed drives, or VSDs, are dynamic speed drives. They are electric motors that are operated externally by contr...

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Fluid Mechanics

The paper investigates the unsteady and nonsensical flow of fluid in a revolving cylinder using the Reynolds number of 1...

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Struthio camelus the Ostrich and Acinonyx jubatus the Cheetah comparison

The cheetah is the fastest land mammal, capable of reaching speeds of over 100 kilometers per hour. (Daley et al., 2016)...

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Is it justified to raise the speed limit

Speed was one of the most important aspects when it comes to hitting deadlines. In most cases, when people are given the...

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