Being a Teenager

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In the current world, being a teenager is not an easy task. Teenagers face various challenges in their lives as they try to transform from children to adults. The hardest part of being a teenager is having to handle the pressure of trying to follow our dreams and the dreams set up by our parents/guardians. As a teenager, one has dreams of what he/she wants to become in future and at the same time, there are dreams our parents hope for us. As a result, it becomes so difficult to cope up with our dreams and those set by our parents. There are families that expect a lot from their children and will always impose specific careers on them without considering if the child is happy with the career path or not. Parents should play the role of helping their children to achieve their dreams other than pushing them to live their unrequited goals making their teenage life hard.

The best part of being a teenager is that we at least have a chance to follow our dreams despite there being challenges to follow our dreams or those of our parents/guardians. This is the time we learn to interact with different people and begin to learn about what interests.  Parents will always choose what they think is in our best interest but again, we also have the right to discuss with them what we think is in our best interest then come up with the best career that will make us happy.

The advice I would give to a friend or a younger sibling is that while it is important to listen to what our parents want us to become in the future, it is more important to follow our dreams. Let us sit down with our parents and listen to what they have to say and give them our reasons for the choices we make in life. This is important because it can be dangerous to accept what our parents are forcing on us because it will deviate us from our life expectations thus harming our future. Our parents/guardians might have secretly wanted to become certain people in life or rather follow a certain career path in life but never got the chance to do so. As a result, they might force you to take on that career path or block you from pursuing your biggest dream because it makes them feel threatened because the same dream withered inside of them. Let us learn to go out there and pursue our biggest dreams and at the same time learn to get our parents on our side since we will need their support. Parents who care will always let their children do what makes them happy especially when it comes to going after their dreams. Being a teenager can be frustrating, but the good thing about it is that even though we make many mistakes, we learn from these mistakes and become better people.

August 14, 2023



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