Book review on "There are no children here"

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Ideally, poverty is a widespread vice that influences how children grow in many societies. The possibility of social order within a community can be altered by a family's experience of destruction and social injustice. In this manner, Alex brings to light the plight of two young boys who reside in a Chicago ghetto through a heartbreaking tale. The main characters of the story's conditions are Lafayette and Rivers. The father is on and off the family residential and does not assume the parental position as a father in the family setup used by the author. They live in an environment envisioned by drugs and poor environmental sanitation (Kotlowitz, Alex, 2-13). I think the plot is a successful illustration of the ideal life that most poor families expose their children to. The author uses simple language and reports on the unfolding theme of poverty, health, and family roles as the major concerns in the ghetto. Nonetheless, Pharoah’s excellence in education comes as his relief

Notably, the story has a sad tone that can make an individual visualize the devastations and social injustices among most parts of the slums. Ideally, it is sad to reflect on the context of the plot as we analyze the impacts of drugs and substances abuse within these contexts. Commonly, the health of these children derives much of its shape from the environmental impacts in the society. Predominantly, there is a critical concern on the standard of health service delivery and quality issues. As seen, they are exposed to several cases of drugs and pollution in the environment. This is an ideal case of a slum life in any part of the world today. Alex’s narration is a master class that displays the silent springs in the salient lives of many people under the poverty line. However, the dilemma of changing the present for a better future based on their history is a mega headache for the major characters in this story. Thus, the narrative ends at crossroads.

Contemporarily, human beings have the right to access health care in our societies. This should thus reflect in every part of the economy not just in the urban centers, but in the slums as well. The story makes me feel like the local authorities neglected their duties in the Chicago ghetto. Numerous instances highlight the loopholes within the organizations in these regions of the country. From drug trafficking to poor environmental conditions, one would imagine that these people were living in isolation without a government. The children have to stiffen up and persevere all the injustice as they grow up within the society. This way, there are surely no children in this family because every member of the family has to think of his/her way of making it in life. Extensively, the father failed the family as a parent, but the environment plays the most crucial role in the journey of family development and social being.

In conclusion, this article is a masterpiece in the blueprint that highlights the major themes in the social organizations within the economies. It can help to develop better policies in handling health, social justice, and economic crises in any economy. Prominently, the ideal character of social structures within the slums manifests in the story making it ideal for many other circumstances in the economy of the country. Hitherto, Alex’s own approach to these realities is bold and subjective in this case. Thus, we can learn a lot of humanitarian values from the story and apply the case to other situations in the societies.

Work cited

Kotlowitz, Alex. There are no children here: The story of two boys growing up in the other America. Anchor, 1991.

July 15, 2023
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