Boys and girls

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Division between Boys and Girls

She divides boys and girls because she has observed that his fellow brothers Carlos and Kiki do not speak with Esperanza outside their home due to their identity. Despite her youth, she only speaks with Nanny, her younger sister. In her culture, there is a strong division between boys and girls. Her family's gender imbalance makes it difficult for her to grasp why her brothers just play with them within the house but cannot associate socially outside. According to Esperanza, gender is big defiance in her hometown. Boys and girls are regarded to live in different world. Nevertheless, she sees her sister Nenny to be a burden in her life. It is because she can't be able to share a lot of her secret and stories with her. Even though she has a problem with the situation, there is nothing much she can do about it because she doesn't have the capabilities to choose a sister. Esparanza cannot get a molded sister as she expects. The main problem is that the age difference she got with her sister makes it hard for her to understand each other.

Symbolism of the Red Balloon

She symbolizes herself as a red balloon anchored down in that she believes herself to be a pretty shouting and respectful lady. The color red implies it she narrates. The anchoring down symbolizes the different responsibility she is forced to accept. The burden is being a good sister and more so, a role model to her sister.

Her Desire to Soar High

She does also believe that she is meant to be soaring high just like a balloon dimming the bright color red for her to be recognized from a distance. This is a symbol of how big her ego and self-esteem she got for herself.

The Impact of Poverty

The main problem tying her down is the poverty they got in their family having to live on the mango street. Esparanza lives to hope for a day she will get a good friend. A friend she treasures and be willing to speak anything with her openly. Living on the mango street has made her learn a lot of things of which she has no capability of changing them.

October 19, 2022

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