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Teamwork is a crucial notion in every organization since, more often than not, it is necessary for coworkers to provide their absolute best effort in every situation and collaborate effectively. Teamwork is the capacity to offer constructive criticism despite any interpersonal conflicts that could develop between coworkers. Additionally, it refers to a group's coordinated effort to use practical and competent skills to accomplish a specific objective or goal. The foundation of teamwork is mutual understanding, good communication, and recognition of one another. Moreover, we are expected to appreciate whatever contribution, no matter how small of the efforts others make (Alaina 2007, 31).

To ensure that there are right working relations and environment, communication is essential in that every individual's work concerning the achievement of shared objectives gets attained. On the other hand, communication is a fundamental and key requirement of all workers, including the leaders. The main way that the ideas and ideologies of a leader reach their subordinates is through communication. It achieves the central role whereby the listeners and spectators get hooked on their followers. Also, different communication styles should be put into place depending on the groups of people involved and foster efficient and effective communication. The same case, while dealing with a team, it is important to learn how to communicate as it leads to success and growth of one another.

Team effectiveness is the capacity in which a team or a group has to accomplish the aims and purposes put in place by an authority figure or by an organization. A competent team helps an organization achieve unconceivable outcomes and is a guarantee to development.

Team performance is a group of individuals with complementary skills and talents, who possess specific roles that are committed to and aligned with a common purpose. These individuals show high levels of innovation and collaboration that yield greater effects.

Team communication is the interaction which takes place among the members of a group or work team. Effective communication in a team is crucial to a group’s success in performing its task, work enjoyment and morale of its members.

When talking about a group, teamwork and cohesion go hand in hand. Managers who are active foster collaboration and cooperation by ensuring that their subordinates are involved in the process of decision making such as in attending meetings. These managers develop expertise in conflict management which aids them in minimizing disruptions in productivity. Proficient managers should lead by example and maintain a level of integrity that is higher compared to their subordinates and communicate openly and honestly towards them. Moreover, team members who feel valued and have faith in their superiors tend to have a positive attitude and a higher job satisfaction as opposed to those who do not. It normally leads to improved comfort to customers, reduced operational costs, and higher productivity.

Besides, workers who show a positive attitude towards their work usually respect the organization and follow the rules set. The rules include, always exercising self-discipline, adherence to ethical standards, obeying safety procedures and following the company’s dress code. Teamwork in business will ensure that one is not alone in performing tasks in a workplace. If for instance, something does not satisfy you, you can team up with your colleagues and present the case to your superiors. That way you will be at ease and have a favorable and comfortable environment to work in.

Communication impacts teamwork in both negative and positive ways. The quality and quantity of communication from leadership and within a team affect the ability to work as a team. It should be the initiative of every member of a team to communicate appropriately. Otherwise, the work output is at stake (Sisk 2011, 74). Therefore, effective communication is a crucial point to working effectively.

There is increased interaction in a team when the channels of communication are established, and the flow of information is smooth. It hence raises the ability of members of staff to interact (Management skills advisor). To perform their duties as expected, team members should learn how to interact more and also be able to understand the weaknesses and strengths of one another.

Team members exchange and send information to coordinate activities, create understanding, prompt action, generate discussion and exchange ideas. Adequate and suitable communication means there is no barrier to the transmission of a message so that the receiver is well aware of its intention and content. Are there any benefits of communication to a team? Teams which communicate work more accurately than others. They also complete their tasks in a more practical and in a quicker amount of time. Power in communication gives an allowance to the team members to be conversant with their roles and those of others on that team.

Other than communication among employees, team leaders who ought to be capable in playing their various roles should communicate clearly. Quality written, and verbal communication skills allow team leaders to present prospects to their members in a way which the rest of the staff can understand. Communication skills that are effective also enable team leaders to listen to what others have to input or contribute to the business.

What is the significance of a team leader? Team leaders help in building or getting back lost morale among the team members. Practical team leaders make sure that the staff is motivated to accomplish goals and ensure that morale in a team remains high. The effects of confidence by the leaders can be seen by creating an environment which facilitates cooperation between the team members to embrace teamwork and achieve the set objectives rather than focusing on individual goals.

On teamwork and communication, employees are usually required by their jobs to complete projects which need them to work together to achieve completion of the said task. The benefits of working together include:

The distribution of responsibilities.

A sense of group achievement and success.

The possibility of creating new friendships.

While working as a team, effective communication tends to eliminate negative feelings and stress. In addition, the owners of business ought to encourage their workers to communicate with each other to maximize productivity. It is requisite in especially in small businesses whose staff must work together closely.

Another vital part of employment is the workplace ethics. Organizations that follow a certain business ethics have better survival chances as compared to those whose goal is to earn profits. It is because to achieve this goal; many compromises ought to be made that may lead to a question on ethics (Barrick, Stewart, Neubert and Mount 2008, 43). The communication of ethics in a workplace needs an internal campaign that majors in communication. In the workplace, the topic of communication on ethics can be broad. It includes such areas as conflicts of interest, inappropriate receiving and gifting, fraud, bribery, and harassment. The challenge that internal communicators face is on how to awaken the understanding of employees in this area and how to effect behavioral change.

The rules of organizations about ethics in a workplace needs one to put into consideration how their behavior appears if reported. Unethical and immoral habits disrupt the environment for the others and cause distractions which reduce productivity. To avoid such misdoings, we are encouraged to have close-knit relationships with our colleagues as well as form team works in businesses for the prosperity of the days to come.

Some responsibilities are accomplished better by a team effort that is successful. Teams do not replace individual achievements; nonetheless, some dilemmas which are ethical are not resolved by people. Teamwork and teams are therefore defined within the context of the case study in question. When communicating with a group, better results are achieved hence motivating the bosses to reward you in the form of appraisals, incentives or tips. A writer who has been cited recurrently in studies concerning the communication between the employees is Henry Fayol. He was a leader in business management, employee communication and a predecessor of administrative practices. Henry Fayol argued that communication should flow via a particular chain in an organization to ensure success and attainment of goals set by an organization.


In summary, for many years, I have been working as part of a team. Hence, I appreciate the significance of working as a team. As a member of a team, it helps to be mindful of your roles and those of others to ensure fruitful results. Partnerships builds friendships and relationships which are useful in our day to day lives. Other than achieving the set organizational goals, it also facilitates personal growth as one can learn from the rest of their teammates. Working as a team one learns that groups make better and more informed decisions than individually. It is because different people offer critical analysis, questioning, constructive deliberation and different perspectives that are unique from each other. Not everyone fits in or works best in a group. In relation to this, the first step of fitting in a team is being a good listener. It is important to be conversant with the ideas and points raised by other people because one can learn various points from other individuals. If wrong, you will be corrected, if right, you will impart knowledge on someone and despite that, you will still get additional info from the rest of the team. Team work also leads to a healthy working environment for both the employees and employers. The atmosphere gets more conducive for working and as well as nurturing personal growth and organizational excellence.


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