Buying American-made products should be promoted

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Air, clothing, automobiles, home appliances, spare parts, electronics, accessories, and shoes are examples of American-made items. The goods are made in vast quantities to satisfy the demands of the consumers; however, if the target population does not buy the products, the production sector will suffer a loss, resulting in economic depreciation. Promoting the purchase of American-made goods would not only benefit the country's economy, but it will also help with problems associated with the importation of products from other nations, such as deforestation, health issues, and insecurity among its people. Manufacturing is an important structure in any economy of a country, it serves as the core factor in other industries since, and the industries depend upon it for instance, for distribution of refined products for example Walmart (Reed).

Reason for promotion of buying American-made products

Job creation in all the sectors

Manufacturing and consumption of products made in the USA will create not only the skilled jobs but also the unskilled jobs in the entire workforce across all the sectors. Manufacturing of products needs many employees. Thus, new entrants into the company will gain the necessary skills that the job requires since the employees can learn and apply what they have in the production of goods; therefore, the new workers will gains skills as well as prosper. Also, the distribution of the products will require the services of the skilled employees to add value and management of the products via the supply chain leading to the creation of employment to skilled workers (Lewis and Carola, 266). Furthermore, the growth of the manufacturing company will need the services of the professional regarding supporting the business through customer service and brand promotion; therefore, the experience graduates with skills will get employment in these manufacturing companies, reducing the unemployment rate in the country.

Reduction of pollution in the country

Most of the oversee products exported in the United States releases hazardous chemicals that pollute water and air due to the fact overseas country have limited or no regulation that protects its water and air during its production. According to a report in 2014 by Chinese researchers, it reveals that most of the air pollution in the United States comes from China in which 33% and above of Sulphur dioxide and approximately 25% of nitrogen oxide and carbon (II) oxide results from the production of goods that are imported from China ( Lewis and Carola, 269).

Promotion of health among the users

Most of the products imported from overseas countries pose a health threat to the users. For instance, in 2007 a high number of toys were banned in the United States since it was unsafe for children. Most of the products contain a choking hazard and poisonous chemicals such as lead and kerosene which are the major causes of terminal diseases such as cancer and kidney failures. The majority of countries that manufacture the products have no or poor environmental and safety laws that put the health of the American people at risk of complicated health issues that are associated with the use of products that contain hazardous chemicals ( Sharma, 383).

Enhances the country economy

Buying American-made products will not only benefit the employees hired in the manufacturing companies but also boost the economy of the country to hire limit. Buying American-made products will lead to expansion which will intern require the services of the construction sector to get involved in building other manufacturing companies most especially branches in various parts of the United States. Thus, the construction sector will have a job to do. Also, increased purchases of the products will demand the services of the monetary institutions both in saving and business transactions; thus, accounting firms will be highly needed. Furthermore, the various sector involved will require lighting and power to carry out daily routine jobs regarding operating machines and safety. Hence, the power companies will have more work to do. Therefore, the economy of the country will grow stronger due to the integration of various sectors in providing services (Sharma, 385).

On the other hand, promotions of buying American-made products have its hick-ups as follows:

Difficulty in determining which products are made in the United States

The issue of identifying which products were made in the United States will arise, since, most of the manufacturing companies will claim their products are made in the United States, thus, consumer will be in danger of buying low-quality products and counterfeit due to the fact that every company will label their products made in the USA, even if it is imported from China and India. The issue can result to consumers shying away from buying the products since the products did not meet the consumers’ expectation (Lewis and Carola, 269).

High price on the product

Manufacturing of products in the United States will be quite high, due to the purchase of raw materials and other machines that are not available in the country, thus, the goods manufactured and the cost of supply chain, as well as tax imposed, will make the price of the product to be higher compared to the products imported from China. For instance, the price of a vehicle made in the USA will be higher than the price of a vehicle imported from Japan; therefore, consumers will opt for imported products to the locally produced products that are not pocket-friendly ( Reed).

Duplication of products

Due to limited resources such as raw materials and machines production, the country will experience a duplication of products in various companies. Some of the machines are expensive to purchase, and many companies may not be able to afford. Thus, the readily available materials will be used and this will results in duplication of products in many manufacturing companies, for, instance, clothes and shoes that are the same (Reed).

In conclusion, despite the hick ups that will be felt, buying American-made products come with a lot of benefits not only to the owners of the manufacturing companies but also to the country at large, promoting the purchase of American-made products will bring the economy of the country to a milestone.



Buying American-made products should be promoted


Brief introduction

American products comprises of cars, food stuff, shoes, clothes and furniture

Reasons for supporting promotion of Buying American-made products

Job creation

Reduction in pollution

Promotion of health

Economic stability

Reasons against Buying American-made products

Difficulty in determining products made in USA

High pricing

Duplication of products


Despite the hick-ups Buying American-made products have more benefits to the country and the people.

Work cited

Lewis, Karen E., and Carola Grebitus. "Why US consumers support country of origin labeling: Examining the impact of ethnocentrism and food safety." Journal of International Food & Agribusiness Marketing 28.3 (2016): 254-270.

Reed, Robert. "Buy American: Can Businesses Capitalize on the Calls for Patriotic Spending?." (2013).

Sharma, Piyush. "Consumer ethnocentrism: Reconceptualization and cross-cultural validation." Journal of International Business Studies 46.3 (2015): 381-389.

October 19, 2022

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