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Many people have made significant contributions to the field discipline of astronomy throughout history. Carl Sagan is one of them, and seeing him here today is a real blessing. Carl Sagan is a leading proponent of intelligent extraterrestrial intelligence (Basalla 10). He agrees that applying the concept of mediocrity to the mysterious parts of the cosmos is essentially an act of confidence. He also claims that there is no other culture in the galaxy that is dumber than anyone on Earth with whom they can interact. A number of contemporary scientists believe that life emerged independently in parts of the universe and living beings progressively evolved with intelligence arising in other worlds. Over time, the enormous process advanced the level of intellect to greater heights facilitating extraterrestrials to create civilized societies. Although their civilization is like the one on earth, extraterrestrials have achieved stages of development exceeding the most advanced worldly civilizations (Basalla (10).

In one of his published interviews, Sagan points out that he has been in love with science and it has been the main thing he has been telling people about. Therefore, his passion for science goes beyond professional interest. It is rooted in a personal and genuine curiosity about the cosmos and a strong commitment to safeguard the vulnerable humanity that he identified within it (Sagan and Head (ix). Among his contributions to astronomy include developing an original way of describing the universe. Sagan suggests that humans live on an obscure piece of rock and metal that circles a humdrum sun located on the outskirts of an ordinary galaxy made up of 400 billion other suns that form part of hundred billion galaxies, which make up the universe. Thus, he suggests that the idea that the earth is at the core of the universe is absurd. Sagan also introduced the idea that human life requires no special treatment to public consciousness in a precise and meaningful model to humanity as well as the cosmos in a way that can be understood (Sagan and Head (ix). His presence here today is important. You are going to learn more about astronomy as well as his accomplishments and contributions to the field. There is no better way to do that other than to listen from the man himself.

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This source provides information about Carl Sagan’s interest in science as well as his contribution to astronomy by developing a clear and original way of describing the universe.

January 05, 2023

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