Causes of Divorce

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In the past, the society considered the institution of marriage with the same respect accorded to religious practices. Instances, where couples filed for divorce, were sporadic. However, times are now changing. According to the statistics presented by Harris (1), 40% of marriages in the current generation end up in divorce. Such a vast number indicates a severe problem that warrants for the divorce. In the past, a divorced man and woman found it hard to interact with other members of the society because of the shame associated with the separation. However, the vast frequencies made it appear normal for people to walk out of the marriage and begin life afresh with other partners. The high rate of divorce is due to alcohol addiction, infidelity among the partners, career interference and inability to have children.

Alcohol addiction is a significant cause of divorce in the society today. People suffering from alcoholism use a substantial part of their salaries and savings in funding their habit. Therefore, families with such a parent might end up experiencing tough economic times due to misuse of funds. Thus, one partner may find it impossible to withstand the conditions and decide to get a divorce. More so, alcohol tends to make people violent. Most people who are huge consumers of liquor engage in violent behavior when drunk (Panse 2). Most of the people who suffer from such situations are women. Instead of living in fear of constant violence, such partners opt to leave the marriage and begin afresh with other partners. Therefore, addiction to alcohol may lead to misuse of funds and violent behaviors, which fuel the colossal rate of divorce in the society today.

(Apart from alcohol addiction, infidelity is another major cause of divorce). The current generation is full of people who do not respect the institution of marriage. It is a common occurrence for partners to accuse one another of infidelity while still in the institution of marriage. When one partner realizes that the other one has been having extramarital affairs, the level of trust diminishes to the point of making it impossible for the marriage to survive. Many partners engage in infidelity to the point of getting children outside the wedlock. Due to the level of betrayal experienced by the other partner, divorce becomes imminent. Trust is a very crucial part of marriage. If the partners cannot maintain their trust in each other, then the family lacks the structural stability for survival. Therefore, infidelity leads to loss of faith and the ultimate act of divorce (Alexander 1).

(In addition to infidelity, careers are significant contributors to divorce). In such cases, the partners may fail to accord their spouses the time they need leading to separation. For example, when one of the partners work in the military, the other might feel neglected due to the extended periods of service outside the country. As such, the career becomes a hindrance for the marriage since it makes it hard for the partners to spend more time together. Some husbands prefer women who stay at home without any career. On the other hand, the women might opt to stick to their careers instead of staying at home. In such cases, the priorities of the couples are not the same. Therefore, they may opt to file for divorce for each partner to follow his/her goals. Careers play a massive role in creating a rift between the couples, which end up in divorce (Harris 1).

One of the fundamental purposes of marriage is having children. However, there are medical conditions that make it impossible for couples to have children. Scientifically, there are medical practices that can restore fertility for both men and women. However, some cases are beyond rectification. When one of the couples cannot get a child, the other partner might feel offended or at a loss for the condition of the other partner. Some partners opt to adopt a child instead of breaking the marriage. However, others might quit the union to find partners that can fulfill their desires in getting children. Infertility is a huge concern for many couples. Therefore, if one of the couples who are fertile cannot adopt or stay without a child, then the remaining option is divorce. That explains the growing trend in divorce and single parenthood in the society (James 2).

Divorce is a murky affair that indicates the loss of love and forces that hold a couple together. All the causes of divorce are negative reasons. For example, failure to get children is an indication that one partner views the weakness of another person as a setback to starting a family. Alcoholism and drug addiction show that one partner is irresponsible and ends up using the resources of the family negatively. Such cases show that the trust in the family is reducing to levels where the couples no longer appreciate marriage. For adultery, this is a high level of disrespect for the union. Currently, many sexually transmitted infections are hazardous. Therefore, a cheating spouse can bring many diseases to the family, which might result in catastrophic outcomes. With such reasons, it is easier to understand the high rate of divorce witnessed in the society.

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August 21, 2023

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