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Check out Who's Back by Timur Vermes: Book Review

A book by Timur Vermes, Look Who's Back, outlines the particular events that contributed to the separation of the city of Berlin into western and eastern Germany. The book discusses some of the primary issues that remain problematic among Germans (Vermes 12). Hitler and the Nazi government are linked to Vermes' main themes. In my opinion, the author reflects on three main topics, including the new political structure, the media's contribution, and the Germans' overall existence. For example, saluting the Nazi government is a criminal crime, even if certain characters in the novels pay tribute to Nazism (Vermes 12). Secondly, the book explains how Adolf Hitler wakes up in present-day Berlin when observing the political development. Third, the author expresses the how social media improves the society.
From the discussion, I observe the views of Adolf Hitler regarding the current political environment. Notably, Hitler wakes up at a place where he shot himself during his previous regime. Surprisingly, he realizes that the place is a quiet residence in the Berlin. Although some people think that he is an impersonator, Adolf is real, has the same age as in 1945, and speaks in a similar voice (Vermes 13). I notice that Hitler struggles to make sense in the changed world and to the people surrounding him. Furthermore, Adolf is surprise about the multicultural group that exists in Berlin despite the previous division in the city.
Furthermore, I notice the significance of social media in advancing democratic space in the reformed Germany. For instance, the media indicates that, after arising again, Hitler hears no shelling, explosion, and sirens around Berlin. (Vermes 22). Furthermore, the city still stands even though it was divided into two sections which gave rise to the Western and Eastern Germany. In my views, Vermes creates ingenious comedy through jokes on Hitler misunderstanding of the modern world. Furthermore, I realize that the Germans, in the modern society, refuse to recognize Hitler as their leader (Schaffner 2). To conclude, Adolf cannot believe on that the large numbers of foreigners in Berlin are Turkey immigrants. On the contrary, he thinks that Turkey is an ally which helped Germany to win the war.

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July 24, 2021

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