“Chicago” Musical

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Chicago, which transitioned from Broadway to Hollywood in 2002 and became known for being the first musical to win the Best Picture Academy Award, is the musical that I have considered to be the most entertaining (since 1969). I really like the movie's popular show tunes, especially "we both Reached for the Gun." The movie gained notoriety for mocking society's exaltation of criminals. The phrase "if it bleeds, it bleeds" in the media is brilliantly shown by the film. As long as "famous murderers" and the murder of well-known people continue to exist, Chicago will remain relevant. It interesting to note the manner the lawyer Billy Flynn easily trick viewers into practicing their jazz and singing along instead of pondering about the evil deeds that characterize the movie's scenes. The super-fan smoke and mirror scenes of sexy flapper attires and dance numbers complement the madcap musicals razor-sharp satire(Sulock,2012).

Like the typical Chicago lampoons, Chicago presents killers in a titillating and scandalous manner. The use of musical encores that are saxophone-heavy, however, tricks viewers into forgetting that they are watching a film on women who are so fame-crazed that they poison, stab and shoot anybody daring enough to hinder their way to limelight(Sulock,2012).

The movies essentially reveal that sometimes implementation of law does not always come down to law courts but rather the courts of public opinion. Using mini-skirts that are saucy and show tunes that are sufficient glitzy, Chicago helps us see that so long as one is in the audience, cold-blooded murders have the potential to appear sexy and well. The theme of crime glorification resonates with the on goings in America throughout the 90s to present where criminals often turn famous particularly with the pop culture. The show tune “we both Reached for The Gun” emphasizes the theme of violence and floriation violence in a satirically defiant manner (Sulock,2012).


Sulock, E. (2012). Chicago: A Movie Musical Mockery of the Media's Razzle Dazzle Image of Murder.

April 13, 2023

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