Child abuse Research Essay

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Abuse of children is a universal problem that can occur in any social, racial, or religious meeting. Manipulation of children can be physical, emotional, vocal, or sexual. It may also result from family or cherished ones being neglected. These problems could seriously harm the child and, in the worst case scenario, even result in mortality. However, the government has established rules and enforcement agencies whose responsibility it is to see that these situations are dealt with and that all children are safe.

According to this text, the foster kid has a good case for suing the social worker for negligence. The DSS can be supposed to have extensively flopped in their business to shield the spoken youngster from the alleged child abuse. When the child reported to the social worker that the Joneses were mistreating him, the social worker ignored the claims. As a professional, the social worker should have looked into the issue and ascertain that the allegations are true. The official also failed to question the Joneses when the child’s teacher reported about the same problem dismissing the claims as lies. According to the text, the social worker neglected the young boy’s rights by failing to investigate the allegations, and ignoring the complaints that were presented by the boy.

While investigating child abuse cases, there are factors of paramount importance which are clear indicators of such abuse. Nonetheless, there are the factors which are not of primary concern such as whether the child has access to luxuries. Moreover, whether the foster parents and the child are of the same race, and the size and financial status of the foster home, since the child may not be presented with everything that he or she requires.

July 15, 2023
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