Child and Adolescent Development

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An ambivalent connection between mother and kid occurs when the child feels more reassured in the presence of the mother than in the presence of any other individual. The relationship appears to be a sophisticated bond with an entirely effective response to the emotional surroundings. Inconsistency in parental duties is a major dynamic idea in such a relationship. Furthermore, it encompasses the impact of emotional ties within the family. These elements have a significant impact on the development of children in the future. When they grow up, they tend to lack self-esteem in society. Thus, such children will tend to withdraw from social interaction due to prejudiced fear of rejection (Carr, Alan, 173-750).

Reasons why psychology is an experimental science

Psychology is an empirical subject. It presents the knowledge relating to all the senses within us. This way, it is an aspect of scientific experiments in the society. Naturally, the concept of psychology is a continuous discipline that seeks to explore the reasons for various behaviours in our life. Thus, it is experimental as a segment because it is very difficult to use the actual individuals to validate the facts. However, many arguments claim that psychological is not as experimental science as presented in the infant cognition case study. This is because; it is not easy to reproduce the research findings with similar experiments. Secondly, psychological findings present personal opinions, which may differ in several ways over time. Lastly, the assumptions rely on the original result as might have been presented in previous studies. However, the human life is so dynamic and it keeps changing to accommodate the changes in the environments. Therefore, many of the psychological conclusions face a lot of criticism in the society.

Work Cited

Carr, Alan. The handbook of child and adolescent clinical psychology: A contextual approach. Routledge, 2015.

April 19, 2023

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