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Each Great Staff Readiness Program's Early Childhood Specialist

is described as a catalyst for ongoing quality improvement (Arthur, Bronwyn, Elizabeth and Sue 448). The service has been expanded to advocate for adolescents and people with disabilities, as well as to observe their character characteristics and what they may be grappling with in life, in order to alleviate stress and depressive behavior in both children and adults. The initiative improves and listens to information demands by parents of disabled children; it improves the quality, quantity, and scope of education programs for parents. In this paper, we are going to discuss the required qualifications as well as responsibilities of a school psychologist working under the Early Childhood Specialist, their salary as well as job satisfaction requirements.

Required Qualification

The staff needed for this program is a School psychologist through which a child may confine in and feel free to express their feelings at any time. Specialized knowledge is necessary to fulfill this role; the Early Childhood Specialist must have a graduate degree in early childhood, five or more years of experience and a specific professional development. They must have experience working with families of children with incapacities, and persons with disabilities. The applicant must possess and demonstrate familiarity of the individual Disabilities Act and other disability civil rights law including the Americans with Disabilities Act (Gemma and David 176). They must have experience in establishing and maintaining a collaborative professional relationship with their patients so that they may be able to identify the individual’s problem efficiently and help in solving.


They must be able to build relationships with families and professionals, get to know what the families like and dislike so that you can get to them quickly. The psychologist must be willing to go an extra mile and build a friendship bond with the families and individuals, once the trust is established then help gets to them quickly. Another responsibility for a school psychologist under the Early Childhood Program is that they have to provide information to parents of children about State Federal Early intervention laws that offer problem-solving occasions and support that will meet, support and better their young children with disabilities.

The school psychologist must remain up to date with all the state-federal disability education; they must keep reading as often as possible to best practice and impact the lives of people with full information and development. It is essential for them to engage actively in inputting data and information in company database and collection process. It is the responsibility of a school psychologist to assist in the development program goal as well as implementation of the curriculum and conduct demonstration lesson. They must also facilitate the evolution to playschool activities between providers and school district, to maintain the discretion all individuals involved in the program.

Skills and Abilities

Effectively communicate and interact with children and adults from a different cultural and individuals from all walks of life. They must be willing to work with minimum supervision, effective communication in written and oral form. Possess excellent organizational behavior, problem-solving skills and willingness to learn. When addressing a big conference during seminars or in lessons, they must be comfortable speaking and present professional skills.

Salary Range: $16.82/hours- $19.23/hours plus substantial reimbursements package.

By state and federal law, employment decisions and practices will not be influenced or affected by race, color, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, or age and any other characteristic protected by law

Work Cited

Arthur .L. Bronwyn .B. Elizabeth .D. Sue .D. and Sue Farmer. Programming and Planning in Early Childhood Settings. South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia: Cengage Learning Australia, 2015: 448. Print.

Gemma .R. and David .G. Leading in Early Childhood, Thousand Oaks, California. SAGE. 2016:176. Print.

November 03, 2022

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