Children in Latin America

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The History of Childhood

The history of childhood is rich, and the research is widening every day to better understand the origins of different cultures. The claims advanced by Stearns in the Current Paradigm of Childhood showed a host of variations that demonstrated that pre-modern childhood was distinct and based on different values. The current model includes developmental changes that affect infants, the majority of which they have no control over.

Changes in Childhood

The author observed that under the paradigm, children were converted from employment to education, the family size was reduced, and there was a substantial separation between adulthood and childhood. Changes occurred in the very essence of this new generation as well. The modern model further argued that children were not born in sin anymore. They would be perceived as empty slates or "tabula rasa," capable of being influenced by various factors such the environment and the society.

Impact on Family Dynamics

The promotion of the fewer children in the model was also a unique factor that made childbearing to be at the center of the family debate. Concerns further started on sexuality and the focus on the concepts such as adolescence. The modern model underscored the importance of schooling, something that was undermined by some measure like the policies of legalizing slavery in nations like Brazil and the United States (Duryea & Mary 1165-1167).

Societal Implications in Latin America

Societies in Latin America saw illegitimacy cases being on the rise, resulting in orphanages and the demand for children who were needed to provide labor in industries. The differences further leave the society at a critical point where the modern model improves the lives of children while war and struggles negatively affect the lives of others.

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December 15, 2022



Child Development

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