Children rights history

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Children's rights have emerged as a prominent and well-advocated subject around the world. Every parent, community, and government must work together to ensure that children have a happy life (Freeman et al., 2013, p 30). It is increasingly widely accepted that newborn babies have rights based on current and prior knowledge of their basic requirements. In terms of human rights, a newborn kid need the care and love of his or her parents, as well as other vital necessities. As a result, all parents have the obligations and rights that come with being aware of their parental responsibilities. Primarily, the primary parental responsibilities are providing a home for the child, protecting, and maintaining the child (Wade, Melamed, and Goldhagen 2015, p 334). On the other, the community has the responsibility ensuring that the child the children are saved, and in the case study, Karen plays that role of the community. Consequently, the community has the purpose of making sure the environment is conducive and suitable for the upbringing of the kids.

Design/ methodology: The paper looks at the rights of the child, parental rights to choose, community responsibility to support policy among another factor to try to identify some of the issues with child client (Wade, Melamed, and Goldhagen 2015, p 338). The paper will argue on the issue of child rights and family rights related to policy.

Findings: This presentation found out the parents, community, and the government has a bigger role to play in ensuring the safety of the kids and the newborn (Ruck et al., 2014, p 60). Primarily, community service is one of the primary contributions that the society can have to the kids and the family.

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Child client is a new mechanism that has been developed to ensure the newborns who are not fully developed have someone to look after him or her once they leave hospitals. This provides the child fully develops to have a comfortable life (Fineman and Shepherd 2016, p 57). Primarily children have the right to quality life regardless of their status. Being born with a disability is not the wish of the child, and it becomes the responsibility of the parents to ensure that the kid us catered for. Primarily, as a child client, the person tasked with the responsibility of ensuring the safety of the child is supposed to keep appointments (Cycyota, Ferrante, and Schroeder 2016). This is to make sure; every date is followed to maintain track of the child progress and keep important notes. Furthermore, honesty is an important virtue in the child client, as it will enable the kid to have a quick recovery. Moreover, it is their responsibility to ensure that the child is doing okay and that necessary measures are taken when need be.

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Taking care of the child should be the priority of the parents and other caregivers as they have the mandate to ensure that the child is developing well and any complication that may arise is treated be for in materializes to a bigger problem. Moreover, there four most important principles that underline children rights and they include non-discrimination (Ross, 2015, p 6) firstly. This means that all children have the same rights in education, medical attention, and other important factors to help them develop their potentials. Secondly, the best interest of the child, the primary consideration in all decisions and actions concerning the child should be to resolve conflicts in different rights of the child. Thirdly, the right to development and survival, this is to ensure children have equality of opportunity and access and access basic service to achieve growth and development. Fourthly, the views of the child must be heard and respected in matters concerning the child’s rights (Cycyota, Ferrante, and Schroeder 2016). The parents have the right to choose the how the child will be brought. It is important that the process of bringing up the kind be in line with the rights and best interest of the child.

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Giving the parents, the right of choice gives them the freedom to choose the things that they deem important for the growth and development of the children to discover their potential. Importantly, the role of the parents in the growth and development of the children is significant, and it is important that the parent creates a good bond and relationship to ensure the children have a good life (Huang 2428). Moreover, across the world, all constitutions give the parents the rights to protect their children. However, the laws also state that if the parent shows any signs of abuse or neglect the right will be revoked (Mayeri, 2016, p 9). Moreover, the American justice and court systems hold dear the right of the parents to choose. Primarily, the right of the parent to choose is mainly centered on education. From the case study had the parents failed to follow the instruction of the physicians and Karen. The case could have amounted to neglect or abuse their right to choose on the behave of the kid will be revoked. However, the government may revoke some of the rights to choose in instances, which they deem the parents has overstepped on his or her responsibilities. It is important that the parents observe their rights to choose to make sure that they are within the stipulated law.

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Community responsibilities are the personal obligations and duties to the community that include participation, cooperation, and respect. Primarily, the concept goes beyond the acting and thinking as the persons in the community have a shared life and interest’s life (Reid et al.,. 4582). The community has the responsibility of ensuring that the environment remains sustainable and conducive to support the people in the community. Consequently, the individuals have the responsibility of watching over the community to make sure that the objective standards are beneficial to human life. Importantly, in all free societies, there are certain and constant tensions between responsibilities and rights. This means that every right has a corresponding duty (Hawkins 2017, p 168). For the community responsibility to be efficient, there must be a clear and good understanding between the people involved. This is to make sure that the individuals in the community understand their role and they work together in ensuring that the community is the right place and the environment is safe to bring up the kids.


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April 19, 2023

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