Circque du Soleil

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Cirque du Soleil is a Canadian entertainment company that specializes in theatrical production. It is based in based in Montreal, Quebec .The company showcases acrobatic to its viewers who usually buy tickets via their website. My immediate response from their website is a company that has well laid down procedures of doing things based on their excellent organization of shows. Their shows have a description about it to give its potential viewers an insight of the show. Each show also has an option of buying a ticket giving the potential viewers an option based on their preferences.

Information technology comes in handy for Cirque du Soleil Company enabling them to design their shows in a manner that formulates intent. Having a clear purpose enables the company to achieve its objectives of how best to express a distinct idea or emotion to the viewers and the performers as well. Design is an important aspect of any presentation. The company utilizes IT to come up with costumes, makeup, managing sound engineering as well as designing acrobatic equipment’s that will facilitate better presentation . Through the utilization of IT techniques, the company can effectively prepare the artists by utilizing an internal application that greatly enhances the training experience. This equips them with special and rigorous physical fitness techniques, making them better performers.

Tension at Cirque du Soleil between business needs and IT capacity was facilitated by the arrival of Danielle Savoie in April 2000 where members of staff and even managers wondered which role IT would play in an organization whose paramount activities were creativity, imagination and inspiration (Rivard et al, 1). Introduction of IT was even considered useless and expensive by some members of the company. This notion evolved through the creativity of Danielle Savoie who effectively convinced top management team that the incorporation of IT was more than just a cost Centre. This was evident in 2008 when the company made more than 5000 performances in more than 40 cities, an achievement that was propagated by the integration of information technology.


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Rivard, Suzzane, Pinsonneault, Alain, and Croteau Anne Marrie, Information Technology at Critique du Soleil, Looking Back, Moving forward, International Journal of Case studies in Management. 10 (4), 2018.

January 19, 2024

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