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This code of conduct is based on a religious belief system, specifically Christianity or Biblical worldview.

The faith and reason for Christianity connect to produce a set of principles, criteria, and guidelines that act as a driver or a point of reference for business activity (Ruddell, 2014). Additionally, the connection yields a detail of virtues that are relevant when conducting daily economic actions. Moreover, the belief system provides a basis for anchoring business ethics to guide the conduct of stakeholders. For instance, the model provides for employees and businesses to observe morality when entering into contracts, executing financial transactions, setting product prices by ensuring there are reasonable and fair; not inflated for personal gain, and adhering to market morality. Among other crucial elements, the Christian worldview advocates for equal treatment for all, mutual respect, honesty and humility which are essential elements for guiding ethical conduct when dealing with fellow employees and attending to clients (Rae & Wong, 2009). In a nutshell, the principles, guidelines, criteria, and virtues offered by the Christian belief system would preserve harmony and success in the business organization.

Statement of Ethical and Professional Conduct in ABC Limited

Leadership Letter

Dear all, this code acts as a reference to behavior and conduct of employees when handling the company's business or engaging in activities that might allude or reflect the image of the business. The code guides the action of both the management and other employees. Among other things the code outlines how the staff should deal with matters relating to inclusivity, use of company resources, reporting instances of employee misconduct, mannerism, addressing workplace harassment, and respect. At the least, the code explains how each employee may deal with and overcome challenges they face in their daily operations.

Introduction- prologue

This code is intended to promote harmony, teamwork and create a conducive work environment that amplifies the strengths of every individual and promotes personal and organizational productivity. The behavior and conduct of all staff members must abide by the stipulations of this statement. The primary objective of the ethics statement is to promote high principles of performance among employees and at the same time promote the organization's culture of ensuring ethical and high-quality performance (Ruddell, 2014).

Statement of Core Values

1. Inclusivity.

At ABC limited, we welcome, value and support individuals varying backgrounds and identities. This means that, among other things, we do not discriminate people based on the economic, social, political, racial gender, sexual orientation, sex, age and cultural identities.

2. Use of Company resources; network and social media platforms

All staff members are prohibited from using the company's network for personal goals. Using the web to access explicit and censored materials is unacceptable. Social media postings by the company staff either through a company or own account should not contain any confidential information or materials that could taint the organization's image.

3. Language.

Professionalism and kindness should be observed at all times. Insulting, harassment and exclusionary behaviors are prohibited. Among others, we will not condone acts such as threats of violence, insubordination, personal insults, inappropriate sexual comments or attention, and discriminatory jokes and comments are unacceptable.

4. Harassment

We will engage constructively to resolve differing opinions or disagreements. If a staff member asks you stop something, then stop.

5. Respect

Any form of disrespectful behavior won't be tolerated. Disagreements or frustrations do not in any way warrant personal attacks towards colleagues.

6. Conflict of Interest

Organizational interest should take priority in case of any dispute. Any individual found pursuing personal interest be it financial, political, or investments among others shall be deemed to be in breach of this code and enforcement procedure shall be commenced against them.

Code Provisions

We avoid inappropriate behaviors including but not limited to disrespect, discrimination, and harassment; sexual or otherwise, use of foul language, misuse of company resources, and pursuing personal goals at the expense the overall company objectives are unacceptable. Any employee who is wronged is required instances of misconduct immediately and appropriate action taken against the offenders. Staff members who any wrongdoing should instantly report to the ethical office, in person or anonymously.

Information and Resources

In addition to accessing the code via the company's website, each staff member will receive the detailed code of conduct and any regular updates in the actual emails they have provided to the HR department. Any employee who needs clarification regarding any information contained in this document should seek further clarification from HR department and the head of ethics division's office. Employees are encouraged to report any inappropriate conduct anonymously, if they want to conceal their identity, via company's website or drop letters at the ethics office that shall ensure personal details of the reporting party remain confidential (Rae & Wong, 2009). All cases of misconduct/violations of this code shall be dealt with immediately where a corrective action shall be taken against the offending parties.

Importance of the Code of Conduct

Having a clear and concise ethics statement derives both internal and external benefits to the organization. The code not only states with clarity the company's mission, values, and principles but also connects them with the professional code of conduct. The code defines the expected behavior of organizational leaders and employees as well. The code stipulates the expected level of performance for all employees to ensure continuous improvement in productivity. Even though the code does not prevent unwanted behavior or fraud within the organization, it does provide workers with legal and ethical guidelines that influence their productivity and commitments to the company's internal control systems ("Why Have a Code of Conduct - Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI)", 2018).

At the external level, the code is crucial to the organization through ensuring compliance, marketing or image and helps in mitigating risks associated with the breach the established government guidelines. Having a value statement in place helps ensure compliance with regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 that directs board members and leaders of listed companies to implement the codes or provide a clear explanation on why they have failed to do so ("Why Have a Code of Conduct - Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI)", 2018). To the public, the code indicates the firm's stance, the level of commitment to quality performance, and the shows the willingness of the company to transact in a manner within the confinements of law and what is morally acceptable to the society. Moreover, a well-written code will help avoid financial risks as results of fines by the government due to misconduct as it demonstrates the organization's commitment towards prevention of illegal engagements.


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January 19, 2024
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