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Climate change by Hoffman

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Hoffman's analogies can be used to help develop a climate change plan. The analogies were used successfully to start a conversation about climate change. The analogy that has been used to create a debate about climate change in Chapter 5 is focused on whether one provides a positive or negative response to the question that has been raised about the growth of the human race and technology and how they contribute to climate change. This is effective because it catches a person's attention and leads to a conversation about climate change. The second aspect of analogy is found in chapter six whereby Hoffman has used a conversation between two people which is linked to how they both view the issue of climate change which triggers a discussion on the subject (Hoffman).
The evidence that I would apply to draw the attention of an individual to an understanding that they can embrace is through making them understand the issue instead of forcing them to renounce some of the beliefs that they have about the matter. Through understanding, there is the elimination of the scolding of an individual based on how he or she views the issue under discussion as well as eliminating any act of disrespect which ensures that there is the building of trust that can be used to further persuade a person into embracing a new form of thinking. Furthermore, through understanding the political climate that surrounds the debate is critical in changing the opinion of an individual because issues like climate change tend to be political in nature (Hoffman).

Works Cited
Hoffman A.J. How Culture Shapes the Climate Change Debate. Stanford Briefs, 2015.

October 20, 2021
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