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There are several occupations available in the field of psychology that anyone enrolled in a psychology school can eventually choose from, depending on their level of certification. It is true that having a PhD degree can help individuals succeed in the field of psychology, which means success in whatever psychological career they may choose to follow. Clinical psychology, counseling, neuropsychology, forensic psychology, school psychology, cognitive psychology, psychotherapy, behavioral psychology, and lecturing are all examples of occupations in psychology.

Clinical psychology is my preferred professional path for this aim.  Clinical psychology is described as a broad branch of psychology that focuses on diagnosing and treating mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. Specifically, clinical psychology deals with disorders such as; learning disabilities, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and eating disorders.

For one to successfully enroll and join a clinical psychologist's position in the job industry, several education qualifications and skills are needed. For qualifications, anybody looking forth to taking up clinical psychology as a career ought to have a graduate degree which in this case is always almost a master's degree (Careers In Psychology, 2017) for one to get a good job. When it comes to skills, clinicians are expected to have several skills that are seemingly mandatory across all fields of psychology and these skills include; Excellent communication skills, good analytic skills especially when it comes to making assessments, excellent scientific skills, and of course good people skills (Mahuron, 2017) where clinicians are expected to be empathic to their clients situation to develop necessary relationships necessary to treat a given disorder for instance.

To be successful in my career of choice, steps I would take personally and professional include; successfully completing my current certification program and ensuring that I strive to pursue higher education in the field of psychology. As seen, the higher your qualifications in psychology, the higher the chances of succeeding. I may also need to join training institutions for some practical training while I study before joining the job industry as a qualified clinician as this will immensely help build my experience as a clinician.


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April 19, 2023


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