Commitment to Freedom and Just Social Order

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Visions of Equality and Social Justice

Visions of equality and social justice in the country were intended to be brought about by a just social order and a dedication to freedom. Although America has made efforts to realize the ideal of a just social order, income and wealth disparity continue to grow in the country. Thus, it has fallen short of fulfilling this goal entirely. The democratic ideals may be seriously threatened by the rising inequality, so policies must be implemented to ensure that everyone benefits equally. Economic debates in the country have centered on equality, which calls into doubt the efficacy of laws passed to advance social justice.

The Perspective of the Constitution on Equality

The perspective of the constitution on equality defines the concept of equal rights and freedom under law. However, the US is experiencing a number of social challenges that translate to inequality. This includes inequality in the employment sector, housing and wage which undermine the equal opportunity clause under the law of a just rule. The mentioned social factors have been a significant impediment to the United States in its attempt to execute its mandate on equality for all. Dorn (2014) elucidates that social order has been "the creation of double standard, under which economic liberty and property rights are devalued compared with more favored liberty rights, that improper judicial activism can truly be found." At the heart of the constitution is the Bill of rights which accords liberties to individuals for equal protection.

The Concept of Just Social Order

Equality and order center on the underlining necessity for coordinating the individual interest in resolving the conflicts arising in the social and economic domain. However, there is still a lot to be done on the concept of just social order. According to Dorn, enforcement mechanism is essential to realize the just social order vision (Dorn, 2014). Suggestively, having a strong federal judiciary is an essential aspect in an attempt to protect the rights of everybody. A strong judiciary will also create justice and thus promote social order. Dorn goes further to state that America has not been able to satisfy this vision because "policymakers tend to think in terms of placing better people in command of static institutions rather than changing the rules of the game in order to change incentives and behavior" (Dorn, 2014). Emphasis should be directed at creating a better government and this calls for radical measures that would achieve a greeter equality. The political and economy regimes have to cooperate to produce social and economic harmony.

Commitment to Freedom

On the other hand, America has satisfied the vision of commitment to freedom. Historically, the concept of freedom is a subject that has created a persistent conflict in the American. Indeed, the history of the US freedom has been subject to debates, struggles, and disagreement. Presently, it depicts to be an evolutionary narrative directed towards a destined objective. Despite the concept of freedom forming battlegrounds in the past, today, there is no doubt that that freedom is one of the most significant factors that all the Americans enjoy including the African Americans. Freedom is found on the premise that liberty is an element of all mankind and thus United States gives freedom to its people (O'Rourke, 2012). Efforts to weed out obstacles that would delimit freedom have been given first priority. This idea remains to be central to the American culture and politics. In the US, one thing that seems to be certain is that the commitment to freedom is a vision that the country strives to achieve in all spheres in the modern globalized era.


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July 07, 2023

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