Ways of Promoting Social Justice

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Social influencers are crucial to the transformation of culture, the improvement of educational methods, and the development of a positive social climate. The essay's goal is to clarify social justice's place in society and how it affects leadership qualities. A few questions, such as: (a) How do the people affect social justice in the community?—will guide the empirical structure and method of research. (b) What are some of the things that work to prevent the advancement of social justice? (c) What are a few of the strategies and laws that can be implemented to make sure that fairness is upheld in society? A positioned approach and qualitative approach will be used to come up with the results and ascertain the existence of social justice practices in the society.

Social Justice


Justice is a practice of giving everyone in the state what he or she is due. However, the process of determining what is due to every individual is a big challenge to many states in the world. The term justice can be used to refer and distinguish what is right or wrong. When the right and wrong are determined, culture and society does not matter. Justice falls among the four cardinal values in moral classical philosophy (Politics & Social Justice). The other cardinal values include temperance (which is self-control), prudence (efficiency), and courage. Justice is aimed at elevating the sovereignty and dignity of the people. Social justice encompass of economic justice. Social justice forms institutions that bring interactions with virtues that guide the people. The association of the people with others and individuals is made good by the provision of what is good through organized social institution (Adams, Blumenfeld, Castañeda, Hackman, et. al.). The social justice requires everyone to work from all levels with a common good with the aim of improving personal and social development through participation, designing, and perfection.

Economic Justice

The method of designing economic institutions is guided by the social justice practices. The economic justice is responsible in how people earn a living, transacts on the purchase and sale of goods and services, and entering into contracts to provide a material foundation of a person’s economic sustenance. Social justice allows people to engage in an active and free manner in the creation of unlimited work that satisfies the mind and spirit (Hansen, Anders, Oscar, and Thomas).

Who is responsible for social justice?

In America, gender and race categories are no longer used to discriminate; however, the categories are often of target through unfair treatment of the people. As the practice of social inequality is recognized by citizens, solace is found is found in the hands of perpetrators of social inequality. The issues culminate to engrain the society as a whole. It is the responsibility of every person to protect ad uphold social justice and social equality (Adams).

Away from the social justice cases that are not addressed and taken into consideration, more social justice do exist that affect the globe and need to be addressed. The unattended social issues are a result of the environment, consumerism, and the societal rights under the industrialized world that is the brunt of the injustice cases.

Justice is not Charity

Charity is a divine love that is used to demonstrate the soul of justice. Through justice, the material founded by charity is supplied to the people. Justice concerns the rules and substance that guide the ordinary people in their daily lives whereas charity is human spirit of interactions that the people with strict rules demonstrate. However, both charity and justice aim at elevating every individual to the position where they do not require charity but can be charitable to themselves. Charitable events are associated with giving without return expectations whereas justice is giving to the people what is for the people.

Ways of Promoting Social Justice

Standing united is a good course of action to help manage the refugee crisis and bring unity among nations. A recent move of Brexit has created a lot of tension and affected the practice of justice. “As we seek to build the world we want, let us intensify our efforts to achieve a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable development path built on dialogue, transparency, and social justice,” said the Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. The coexistence of prosperity and peace is facilitated by social justice. The principles of social justice should be demonstrated in our daily lives. The ways of solving the dilemma of social justice are discussed below.

Spreading of the word

The people of the community are supposed to administer and spread the word of empowerment to the people of the society. The mode of transmitting the empowerment information can be done through direct communication among family members, on the social media, via emails, and other oral method. No specific person is to start the talk about justice but anyone can start and the rest contribute his or her views. Leadership and exercising justice is always an act of leading y example but not waiting for other people to start up the talk about equity and fairness. The people in the community can be having great ideas and solutions to the challenges faced by the social justice, but it takes that little effort to make the lead and spur the rest to join the conversation.

Listening more

Good leaders are those who make good listeners. The people who are quick to express their feelings through talks are vulnerable to making mistakes and offensive statements that can spur chaos. The ideas and amount of information that a person has regarding a topic may be less that those ideas and opinions the rest of the people have in the society. It is highly recommended to listen more and respond less in reasonable answers. It is not guaranteed that the opinions of people must coincide, but the combination leads to a majority interest opinion. Debates are mad of such occasions where discussions are held and consensus reached on the issues affecting the people in the society. However, justice is offering the people what they deserve to have and ensuring that justice has been practiced. Many of the people in the society are undermined by the rich due to lack of power. Many think that wealth is the gateway towards manipulating the unfortunate. However, the opposite is true.

Attending to rallies

Mass action events are the best ways of presenting the opinions of the people and making them clear to the people. Demonstrations are not for causing chaos but passing information to the relevant authorities. Keeping silent of pressing issues is a way of burning with issues rather than expressing them and waits for solutions to those who are responsible in handling such issues. It is all summarized in the words, “if you’re not part of the solution – you’re part of the problem. Harsh words, you might feel – but true also.”

Reclaiming our community

It is highly recommended that t surrounding should be well known to avoid collisions. Learning the culture and knowing them in details can help to promote social justice. It will be a shock to find that there are many similarities between one community and another after learning their practices. The understanding can help to bring unity and harmony among the people, as they will find out that they share a lot more than they could have imagined. In the process of knowing the lifestyle and other aspects of the neighbors, the chance to offer help and any other form of assistance will emerge and through such activities unity and justice is practiced. Without interacting, the people suffering in the neighborhood cannot be recognized and helped. However, through coming together in events and other ceremonies, there will be a better understanding of the issues affecting the people in the society.

Volunteering in community and social work

Taking care of the elderly in the society calls for a better understanding of the challenges faced by the aged many of the retired people need much attention and care from the young people who are energetic and free to make quick movements. An example of a corporate social responsibility activity is offering counseling services to the elderly. As much as the young people can be having much time to move around, the aged have less time and are limited to activities due to the health issues following their old age (Brooks, Jeffrey, and Melanie). The process of counseling must be timed well to capture the minds of the individuals. The available and coping strategies of the individual being counseled must be well known to the pathologist because they must fit an effective information exchange environment with the older person. The loss of personal and family attitudes can make an individual develop communication problems. Among the models of the loss of grief and loss associated with the communication is cited by Tanner and Gerstenberger. The loss of a person or perceived response of an individual can lead to a lack of skills. In the case of evolving needs and concerns, the older people experience denial and frustration. Through helping, the needy people in the society such as counseling them will bring social justice in the community.

Supporting local organizations

Group that must perform certain events in the community should not be selected or some neglected. Many groups and organizations are coming up in the world and they are diversifying into the developing countries. The treatments the receiving residents will give to the foreigners contribute a lot to the degree of social justice. The basic human rights and equality in the distribution of resources need reasonable leaders to do the distribution. There may be many ideas in the local citizens but the lack of funds limit them coming up with such organizations. A warm welcome to the people will send a good message to the world that there is fair and just treatment among the society members. Campaigns need to be done in a manner that people can understand and recognize as bringing positive change to the community.

Embracing diversity

The world had been modified into village using technology. Much has changed unlike the ancient times when communication and transport was very difficult. People are urged to travel places and learn the activities done in various places to enable a broad understanding of diversity in culture and morals. It is advisable to get friends from the neighborhood and from different religious backgrounds (King, Donna, & Catherine). Despite having different tastes and preferences, people should learn to understand how other communities perform ad solve issues to enable them have a better interaction that will lead to an equitable and fair social justice.

Signing of pledges

Documents drafted that impact social justice are sent to people through social media for the appreciation of different culture and ethics. The differences in race, religion, age, gender, and ethnicity are the major contributors of justice. It was believed that the whites neglected the black people. The case is not the same currently because devolution has changed things and made the society to understand that all humans from different races are equal despite color and culture. The differences in culture lead to interaction and intermarriages. The issues affecting the community related to prejudice and torture are more explained in the social media and communication channels. Through the media, more pledges are signed to fight against mistreatment towards people from different regions ort race. For example, discrimination in institutions is practiced by students on bases of tribe, language, culture, and color.

Practice what we preach

The beginning of social justice is right from the family level. What is exercised by the family members are attributed to how the people outside will be treated. The community peoples should change on the perspective of how they treat strangers and foreigners. The ethic driven into children on how the guardians and parents great other people matter a lot in the contribution to social justice. The global approach can be given through the manner the children are educated and made to treat the other people. A curriculum in school should be improvised that can be used to teach children how character and morals have great value in the field of practicing justice.

Adopting a politician

In the present democratic world, people elect politicians and send them to the designated offices. While in their duties, the politicians need to be reminded on the work they are supposed to do for the people that elected them into office. The ideas and suggestions from the public and leaders must be compared and contrasted before selecting the best option to take that regards the interests of the majority (Naples, Nancy, ed.). In such a case, social justice can be enhanced through the selection of people who can be passing the message from the people to the politicians and vice versa. The monitoring of the work of politicians will act like the key (performance indexes (KPIs) to employees. The politicians are employed by citizens and the work delegated must be fulfilled. When there is smooth flow of communication, justice is practiced because the rightful people are granted their dues.

The Link between Social and Criminal Justice

Contemporary, a police officer who is to retire meets young people using drugs. Apart from only delivering social justice, the link is extended to the criminal justice where such a police officer is to act in the best interest of the people. The idea of making a decision not to pursue the case will only please the teenagers, but the entire community will blame the police officer. The option of letting the teenagers enjoy to smoke marijuana will only favor the few victims but spoil the morals of the society. The police officer should take an action f correcting the teenagers and create sense to them on the consequences of smoking. In dealing with a matter of concern to the public, the consequences are evaluated and used to make decisions on the acts done by the people responsible. An act of prostitution is against the morals of the society, and it is condemned. Defending the public on false accusations and other unfair charges is permitted by the society because of defending the minority or the oppressed. The prostitute would be escaping from the truth by sending a public defendant to represent her on charges related to drug trafficking. On the case where the prostitute might have been arrested before, she should answer the alleged charges and face the law as required.

Making good decisions is the key to the improvement of the country’s state for the future. For example, when a surplus is in the state budget, the money should be spent in delivering what can improve the country’s living standards in the years to come. For example, surplus of $5 billion cannot be enough to supply the people of the state for beer in a lifetime. The result of an “uncultivated” response to matters of the state must be considered. For example, the higher need of getting an education is of importance that the lower good of people to be supplied with beer. To help avoid lower need for options being made, the society can be urged to be very competent in making decisions.

Issues that occur within the United States that Display Stagnation in Movement towards a more Socially Justice World

Classism in the Courts and Public Policing

Classism is a way that a person is treated in a different manner, either better or worse. Classism is a segment created by the amount of wealth that some people have in the society. The classes are set based on the economic and social status of the people involved. For example, the princesses cannot be classified under one class with a poor family child who lives on a food to mouth system. In some extents, classism is discussed along with racism. The act of discrimination other people from a set group due to the lack of common characteristics that make one group feel superior to the other (Dewey & Germain). For example, the white and the blacks experience racism that is highly motivated by the skin color. However, classism is motivated by wealth and other possessions.

Under public policies and the courts of law, the aspect of class is not considered the determining factor of the ruling for any case. The law governs every citizen with fairness and equity. Courts serve every person within the region of jurisdiction hence breaking the idea of classism. The law treats and applies to the people according to the region of residence and citizenship and not class (Kumashiro). People can be from the same nation but the levels of wealth differ. Despite the differences in class, the law applies to everyone equally.

The people within a region are considered citizens of the area and whenever a policy is formulated, it applies to everyone. Even the people responsible in the enactment of the law are victims to it and cannot go against. Law applies to every head living within the territory that the law governs. Public policies set the guidelines of rules that the people should not go against hence creating equality to the conduct and manner in which the people relate. For example, were it that the rich have the power to decide to the poor, the law would have not had any course in dealing with cases that involve people from different classes. The public policies are aimed at creating equality in the society and ensuring that there is peace.

The movement toward social justice

Special justice movement requires a clear identification and rigorous study of ethics and morals. Morals dictate the manner the next generation will behave when they get to the level of leadership and higher positions in the community (Dewey, & Germain). Justice in the society is shaped by the manner of conduct and the kind of treatment towards the people surrounding us.

The Need for a Rigorous Study of Ethics in enhancing Social Justice

Ethical theories set the guidelines that govern the conduct of the people in the society. The morals were set by the ancestors who define the behaviors and characters that a well-behaved and well-mannered person should conduct the daily activities in life. Ethics that are thought in learning institutions have been classified according to the environment. For example, the ethics that one can use while performing duties in the office cannot be the same as those applied to associating with other people in the community.

Rigorous studies of ethics help in shaping the conduct of the people in the society. For example, the principal applied by the theory of utilitarianism can be misinterpreted by the people. According to the theory, any act that favors the majority in the community is deemed acceptable. The theory did not define the kind of people who perform the act to be regarded as to favor the majority. For instance, a group of young people can be teamed up to use drugs that are illegal. In case one stands out of the group to condemn the act, the majority in the group can overcome one person and conclude to continue with the act (Furman). Apart from the act favoring the majority in a certain team, the benefit of the community must be considered.

The ethics are not only taught in schools or colleges, but they start right from the family level. The upbringing of children in the family determines the character of a child when they are adults. The parents are good role models and the ethics are not thought by taking them to class but asking the children to behave like their parents when they will be of the adult age (Kumashiro). The theory of utilitarianism tends to suggest that since everybody is doing it, then the act is right for the society. As far as the theory supports the decision of the majority, ethnic assumed to be for the best of many must be evaluated.

There must be limits in making decisions on the ethics that can be best for the society. Before a moral act can be testified to be for the best of the community and the majority, the young people are not the best in determining the morals as they are driven by desire and the urge of testing life (Merino). Acts such as drug abuse and prostitution are more exercised by the youth who are overcome by their bodily desires and the greed to live a flamboyant life. The majority of the youths are not the best in making moral decisions.

The education system is not only meant to teach on the professional aspects of the students but also to enlighten them on how to handle life issues. For example, the morals of a married person cannot be the same as the character a single person lives (Asumah). The advice given by the elders to the young adults is out of experience compared to the thoughts of the youth. Some of the life issues cannot be assumed to go the way people wish but the power to a better moral in the society is how matters are being handled. Despite the people respecting other people’s morals, there is a need to have guardians who give direction to the youth who will be the leaders of tomorrow.


Social justice is a communal exercise that is to be practiced by the people and everyone has a part to play. However, much of the activities must be done from the family level and extend to the public. Creating a society that practices justice is fair and equitable in the distribution of wealth and other resources. To conclude, the people must exercise due diligence and care when handling matter that affect the public in a communal manner. Everyone has to enjoy his or her right according to eh law without any limitations. Through justice, democracy is achieved. a nation that practices democracy and encourages social justice attracts more foreign investors hence improving the economy. When the economy is improved, the living standards of the people are raised to a better level. Leadership becomes easier in a state that is just and fair to the citizens. It can be summarized that everyone has a part to play in ensuring the justice prevails in the community and the people are enjoying their rights.

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