The Jesuit Principles

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The Jesuit Principles

The Jesuit principles are important for the overall development of a person and need to be incorporated to aid in the holistic development of a person.

The Magis Principle

The Magis principle is important to help people develop a desire to strive for more, inspire big dreams, vision, ambition, and having goals.

Women and Men for Others and with Others

The concept of women and men for others and with others is one of social inclusivity that shows concerns for all people and promotes equality.

The Principles of Cura Personalis

The principles of Cura Personalis are focused on the importance of care for a person's needs and identification of all people as creations of God.

These principles are essential for the development of social responsibility because they promote the need for inclusivity and selflessness and for people to be considerate of others.

However, the principles do not explicitly define how the efforts should be implemented. The principles, when integrated, are seen to be focused on Godliness in the activities a person is involved in and to carry them out in a manner that glorifies God. The principles are geared towards improving how we act, whether in public or private, to ensure that we are positively charged when dealing with other people to benefit them in a way that is Godly without expectations.

The Principles of Knowledge and Emotion

The principles focus on the use of knowledge and emotion as important elements that are required to accomplish the goals. The principles of finding God in all things, being contemplative in action, and having unity of mind are principles that guide how people do things to ensure that they are done in a Godly manner.

These principles invoke ethical and social responsibility because they are people-centered and do not focus on the individual.

Sharing Knowledge and Building a Sensitive World

None of the elements is more important than the other, and they should be used together to achieve the common goal of building a world that is sensitive and humane by sharing knowledge on how to give service to others. The principles seek to enforce empathy to give care to people in need, seek and implement social justice, and be considerate of other people.

The principles can guide people to reduce deforestation, pollution, and other negative human activities that affect the environment negatively. The principles act as a guiding logic that helps people make ethical choices that govern their behavior.

The principles help people make wise choices whether they are being seen and even when they are alone. The society developed under these principles is healthy and happy due to honesty and inclusiveness instead of selfish decisions.

October 24, 2023

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