Competitive Analysis of Jamba, Inc.

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Jamba, Inc. is a retail restaurant that sells a variety of specialty foods and drinks. It operates in the grocery market, where it sells a variety of food products such as burgers, snack wraps, hot oatmeal, and juice mixes, fruit smoothies, and squeezed juices (Jamba Juice 2017). According to Zacks Investment Reports, Jamba Inc.'s reported earnings for the quarter were $ 0.17 for EPS and $ 0.19 for the same quarter (Johnson, 2016). It is a global organization with operations in several countries, including the Philippines, South Korea, the Bahamas, Mexico, and Canada. The business is a well-known premium brand that caters to the Asian and American markets (Zacks Equity Research, 2015). Jamba Juice Company has over 800 operating locations in 26 U.S states, having 287 company-owned locations, 45 international stores, and 517 franchise-operated stores (Johnson, 2016). Based on the franchise's success, Jamba juice plows in about $ 229million as annual revenue approximating each store generation of $ 70,000 annually (Johnson, 2016). It has seen its place to be one of the best companies in the industry within a concise period.

Under the NAICS code, Jamba juice has classified an Accommodation and Food Services business type, with the primary SIC Code being 5812-eating places (NAICS Directory 2017). The primary NAICS code for the Jamba juice is 722511- Full-Service Restaurants (NAICS Directory 2017).

Competitive Overview

The company faces stiff rivalry for the reasons that it operates in a highly saturated industry. The company competes with other beverage firms which include Lish and some medium size smoothies (Nasdaq, 2017). The numerous players who compete with Jamba juice have forced it to increase the cost of business for the reasons that it has to invest in marketing activities in order to gain a competitive advantage.

The company has devised a plan that helps cut down the expenses to improve the distribution of their products to the international market. Jambo has employed good connection between their customers and the company hence it has put a lot of keenness by deploying workers that are highly skilled in client management and service (Nasdaq, 2017). It has put up programs to reward their employees which help for good customer service. This earns it a competitive advantage over its rivalries.

Based on pricing and in comparison with their two competitors Lish and Juice lt Up, the company becomes a monopolistic market structure (Nasdaq, 2017). This is mainly because the two rivalries are smaller contract corporation having no publicity in trade. With easy exit and entry of industry, independent action, differentiated products, smaller market share and no collusion the company commands a large market share.



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