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US government authorities regularly carry out enforcement actions. As a result, a number of laws are created to control the business environment and prevent compliance problems. The study that is being presented is an analysis of various laws and regulations that control how businesses operate.

The proprietor of a Longview-based septic tank pumping company and his business were both sentenced for criminal violations of the Clean Water Act, the story claims. The case's substantiated compliance problem was identified in the liquid refuse sector. It appears that both the company and its proprietor broke the Clean Water Act. The non compliance was noted after the defendant dumped over two million gallons of pollutants and waste within the sewer system which was considered as illegal in the US. Additionally, the defendant was also involved in acts of mail fraud and making false statements. Evidently, the defendant stole firm and its owner made away with several finances in public services before covering up the scheme deceitfully with negative impacts being noted on the honest rate payers. With the actions of the company and its owner, it is evident that the Clean Water Act, mail fraud, and false statement laws were violated.

The regulatory agency took action against the presented behavior after ten years. It is clear that the firm was able to keep up its non-compliant behavior for more than ten years. However the deception came to an end in August 2012 after its activities was revealed by the law enforcement surveillance activities. The state, Federal and local regulation required that all hauled and trucked wastes which were handled by All Out were to be disposed to facilities which offered treatment. However, this was not the case for the firm and its owner since they went against the stated provisions by routinely dumping the wastes in sewer ports which were unauthorized. The non-compliant behavior constituted legal redress defined by punishments and penalties. As outlined in the court sentence, the company and its owner was found guilty and sentenced to 27 months behind bars. Additionally, the guilty party was also sentenced to a supervised release for a period of three years. The company and its owner was also fined $250,000 for twenty-five counts of Clean Water Act violation, two counts of false statement generation, and six counts associated with mail fraud. The firm shared in the fine of $250,000 that the owner was charged. Additionally, the business was also sentenced to a three year probation period (“Longview Man Sentenced to 27 Months in Prison for Illegal Sewage Dumping Scheme” n.p).

To prevent the occurrence of a similar behavior in the future, the company is obliged to consider implementing various requisite steps. For instance, the company should have a clear understanding of the provisions of the Clean Water Act. With this, the firm, under its owner, will understand what activities constitute an illegal dumping scheme when it comes to waste water management and disposal. Additionally, the firm should consider what the state, local and federal bodies indicate about the waste disposal. For instance, it should ensure that every time it engages in waste disposal, as the identified products are disposed in treatment facilities which are approved and not illegal.


To conclude, various regulatory bodies have established legislation focused on controlling business activities. Non compliance with the set laws and regulations is considered illegal, therefore, punishable by the law.

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Longview Man Sentenced to 27 Months in Prison for Illegal Sewage Dumping Scheme. United States Department of Justice, 2014. Web. 17th Nov 2017.

July 15, 2023


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