Components of a good theory significance

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Theory is important in clinical counseling because it gives practitioners the right guidelines. The process of theory formation is vulnerable, and by extension, any theory that successfully wins support from academics must include relevant difficulties. The general guidelines offered by various approaches play a part in the globalization of counseling practice (Boss, 2016). As a result, there are universally accepted criteria for clinical counseling practice, which are outlined in the guiding theories.

Theory-based verification of new trends in the conditions of clients who attend counselors is another benefit of uniformity in practice. With the rapid changes in various aspects of life, a lot of research is conducted from different parts of the world to establish the most important aspects of the societal effects of the changes. Theories provide an avenue to forge ahead with the new trends, hence growth in the field of practice.

Components of a good theory

A good theory has a concept or construct, and a principle, both of which must be outlined and defended for the theory to qualify for adoption (Groomes, 2012). In the evaluation of a new theory, these components are strictly verified in a bid to investigate the correctness of the theory in question, before putting it to use. Secondary to the approval of an opinion, the therapist ought to ethically apply it, since this provides one of the greatest ways to provide high-quality services to all clients (Boss, 2016). Contained in various theories are critical aspects of human life that need differential approach and hence improve the services delivered to the customers. It is only ethically right for the practitioner to strictly adhere to the provisions of the theory of choice.


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