Coney Island

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If given a chance, I would love to go to Coney Island once more. The island is located in a remote region away from the bustling city and the journey to reach the location is also part of the adventure. The first option a individual may prefer is to drive to the Island, and the different is to use a tunnel, it is like being transported in time. When you see the center of the island for the first time in your life that feeling of Deja Vu creeps in. Perhaps it is the reason that as a young kid you dreamt of coming here, or the old films featured the leisure parks. The place is packed with old structures as well as buildings which remind one of how our grandparents and parents may have loved the parks, parachute drop, mermaid and Thunderbolt show when they were younger. 

The logo of the island, which is the merry-go-round has been rooted in the minds of my generation. Some of the things in the Highland cannot go unnoticed such as the sweet butterfly kisses and romance in the air of the present as well as the ancient lovebirds who spent the ride the entire day. The atmosphere is occupied with childish laughter as well as the adventure which makes a person to be filled with joy and smiles when walking on the street. 

    The island is similar to a huge playground with no rides that are technologically advanced as well as indicates the theme of the modern park. It provides tons of fun and pure delight. This place allows each and every person who visits it to enjoy the opportunity and the feeling of being a child once more and forget their problems. 

    The entire place is an amusement park with the magnificent boardwalk, night shows, taverns as well as candy shows. The smiles of everyone, the happy screeches of teenagers as well as the chatters of the voice of children communicate to any person the reason why the island will always be the happy park of America. Popcorn’s smell and the attractive foods and fruits displayed across the paths of the park remind us of the days when our desires and wants were simple. Every person is friendly, and businesspeople make your visit to the Highland unforgettable. During your stroll around the commercial center, you can be so relaxed with no urge of tasting everything, riding everything and seeing everything in a single day, you keep returning to Coney Island since beyond the rudeness and the hastiness of the city. 

    During winter, the island corresponds to a giant ice kingdom, and the whole surrounding is glistening silent and white. In the course of this period, a person may sense the sorrow of the city, like it was suspended and it will be awakened in spring. Today, it is sad that several people do not visit the island. Of late, the magnificent Thunderbolt is not glorified anymore. It has been stripped of its former glory as well as has lost much of its great excitement. However, it will at all times be an image in the culture of America. What matters for now is that we visit the island once more and through that, we shall be able to keep it alive and become a living heritage of our future offspring. 

May 04, 2022

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