Conflict and Stress Management

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Living with Conflicts

It is difficult, unfortunately, to live without conflicts: in the corporate sphere, in daily life, in personal relationships. Conflict ('collision' in Latin) is almost inevitable between individuals and their cause - often mutually opposite, incompatible, needs, objectives, attitudes, values... Someone is really interested in the communicative war and is working hard to prove the correctness of the dispute and win it. Someone is trying to circumvent sharp corners and is genuinely wondering why the conflict is not going anywhere. And the issue is neutralized quietly by anyone, not exacerbating it and not wasting resources, strength, health. We should accept as a given: conflicts have been, are and will be, but either they control us, or we control them.

Neutralizing Conflicts at Work

Any conflict at work can be neutralized with the help of certain speech techniques that will not only extinguish the negative but will lead to fruitful cooperation. At the moment when you realize that the conflict is brewing, in no case connect emotions, leave the line of attack. If the situation allows, leave for a while the room, even if you are in the chief's office. In the situation, the boss-subordinate to the rational level of human communication can be deduced by clarifying questions. This should be done if you are unduly troubled. Are you unfairly accused of being a bad employee? Confidently start the attack with questions: "If I'm a bad worker, why are you just now talking about this to me?", "Why am I a bad worker, explain it to me." They tell you that you did a poor job - ask what exactly you did not do, specify: "What exactly I did not do, I want to understand, I ask you: answer me a question." Remember that the one who asks the questions controls the conflict.

The Importance of Communication

If the Julie used to be an ideal employee, but now everything has changed, then it means that she was bored to work, or she has some problems, the superior should talk to her and ask what happened or to take some measures.

Creating a Comfortable Work Environment

Create a comfortable work environment around you. This does not mean that it is necessary to put soft armchairs and sofas. Comfort can be created with absolutely simple methods: determine each thing the right place for her, so that she does not have to search for it for a long time; stop spreading papers, folders and pens on the table; remove unnecessary if the thing is not being used at this time; install a comfortable chair, but not too soft to not strongly relax; put next to a photo of a loved one, a favorite dog, or just a beautiful picture; Alternate work and rest. Lunch break should be mandatory. Many commercial organizations do not include a lunch break in the schedule; this violates the law and causes fatigue of employees, as during the day a person must necessarily refresh himself with food. Lack of lunch is bad for physical and emotional health. Do not think about work on weekends. Perhaps, in your legal day off, you are worrying about the unreported report, the unfinished project, or how the authorities will react to the result of labor. These experiences do not make sense because at home it is impossible to influence work.

Leading by Example

It is essential to set the working rhythm and work more than your employees if you want that your team succeeds. The subordinates feel the energy of their leader, and if you are yourself charged with the result and are ready to work hard, you will follow suit. Over time, those who are not able to move with you in the same rhythm, themselves leave the company. Now I am surrounded by a team that does not like passive work. For example, employees of the sales department themselves admit that it does not give them pleasure to sit all day in front of the computer. The controversial issues are decided by the whole team. We try not to bring differences to an open conflict - we solve a difficult situation by the whole team, gathering together heads of departments and ordinary employees. Let employees have the opportunity to communicate with partners of your company in an informal setting. On Fridays we hold poker tournaments with representatives of vendors (manufacturers), sometimes we invite customers. Any employee can participate from our side. It brings together. For example, when our sales manager and a customer representative are playing at one table, they have the opportunity to establish a closer relationship, which will positively affect sales. And for many, this is a unique opportunity to sit at a table with representatives of corporations such as Microsoft or IBM, talk with them on work topics, ask personal questions.

Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of employees. Motivation of employees is a creative process. Never get to motivate two different teams with the same words. First of all, you need to study the staff well. I already have a clear idea of each of them. I know how to deal with it, what kind of internal leverage, and in which situations to press to perform the required work. I will give an example. One of our specialists did not very clearly understand how to promote complex solutions but was strong in wholesale trade, since he had previously worked as a director of the company in the wholesale of components for computer equipment. Knowing this his strong side, as well as the desire to develop, we created a wholesale department, appointing him as the head. In doing so, we have strengthened this direction with more complex products. As a result, the manager independently figured out difficult solutions and began to successfully promote them.


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July 24, 2021

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