Conflict and War

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War is essentially referred to as the state of society in which individuals are in a conflict marked by the use of weapons, violence, property destruction and loss of life. The absence of war constitutes peace. A dispute is a prolonged battle or war between two or more parties. Where war and violence exist, people live in constant fear of enemy attacks. Instead of developments, a nation witnessing war focuses on the wrangles.
An armed conflict will lead to economic depreciation and infrastructure distractions. In areas where the war is serious, the effects will also be extreme. Both individuals and companies suffer. The companies have their technology, capital, and even their workers who got the best skills die in the war. This will directly affect the company in a negative way once the war is over. Investors would never invest their money in countries enraged with war. Economy of the country thus drops drastically. The cost of living of the citizens’ rise, poverty strikes and health is affected. Illiteracy level also rises since education is disrupted during war leading to school drop outs or even the schools may be burnt down during war. Civil wars are very costly and the government will have to invest lots of money in buying weapons and military expenses. Infrastructure is hence neglected.

However, developed countries do not experience war. This is because their economy is stable and they will spend most of their energy and resources improving their economy. These countries are politically stable and they do not entertain tribal conflicts. They are all treated as equals.

Countries should strive having peace since it is the source of development. Peace of mind creates healthy thinking hence a strong country.

July 24, 2021

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Peace Suffering Conflict

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