Connie seems to be described with music/music themed diction

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Connie seems to be represented using music/music-related diction (like how she walks like she was hearing music or how when she was imagining boys' faces that blurred into music.) What is the significance of a musical motif?
The motif's meaning is to illustrate her form of personality as she longs for love as defined in the song.
Do the sound and connotations of her words when discussing Arnold Friend hint at who he is?
No, it does not. It is clear that her portrayal and interpretation of Arnold differ from who he is, in that he is not as soft and gentle as she imagined. In reality, he is the polar opposite. What do you think happened to Connie when she left with Arnold?
I think Arnold violated her because he made it clear that nothing was going to make him stop going on with his intentions.
4. How does each character’s diction characterize them (such as Arnold’s derogatory speech)?
Connie’s diction characterize her as brave, naïve, and pessimistic.
Arnold’s speech categorize him as courageous, observant, and ruthless.
Connie’s mother diction notes her as loving, caring and observant.
5. How do the ambiguous comments in the beginning of Arnold and Connie’s confrontation, such as “…the words meant something to her that she did not yet know,” (pg 931), foreshadow how the story will end?
The words foreshadow her end by showing how Arnold Friend is demanding yet they are not familiar with each other. Additionally, the tone of the words depicts that he is not going to let her go easily.
6. How does the character of Ellie contribute to the story?
The character of Ellie contributes significantly in juxtaposing the characters of the two friends. When Arnold Friend tells Ellie “Shut your mouth and keep it shut” it becomes clear that the two friends have different personalities.
7. How do the three forms of irony (verbal, situational, and dramatic) add to the suspense of the story?
The verbal irony contributes through showing the ignorance of Connie and the determination of Arnold raising suspense of who will give up. Situational irony arises when Arnold follows Connie inside the house and forces her to put down the phone and stop calling for help. Ironically she places the phone down without much resistance creating a suspense of what is going to happen to her. While dramatic irony is witnessed in different parts part of the text such as when Arnold hold Connie and guides her to hold him. Ideally, there ironies contributes to suspense as the audience waits to see if Connie is going to give in to Arnold’s advances or if he is going to rape her.
8. What is the significance of the line, “…and they don’t know one thing about you and never did and honey you’re better than them because not a one of them would have one this for you.” (Page 938)
The significance of the line is that, Arnold tries to show that he understand Connie better than anyone else putting it clear that he has deep feelings for her and that no one would love as he does.
9. How did Arnold Friend use pathos, logos, and ethos to convince Connie to come outside, and which was most effective?
Arnold uses pathos to convince her to drop the phone and put it the right way through showing her that he only came in for her. He uses emotional appeal (ethos) through manipulating her that he would probably heart her family if she failed to come out. He logic (logos) by putting it clear that her family or anyone will not help her because he can break into to the house if he wishes to do so.
10. “Seen you that night and thought, that’s the one, yes sir. I never needed to look anymore,” Arnold tells Connie. How would a feminist critic interpret these lines? Why Connie, and not any other girl?
A feminist would interpret is a woman being seen as an object of sex in that it is only at night that Arnold is remembering her. It can be interpreted that Connie by virtue of being alone in most cases is a likely one to be trapped or lured into the tricks of Arnold.
11. How would a feminist critic interpret Connie’s final actions in the story?

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A feminist critic would interpret Connie’s final action as coerced or forced action since from the beginning she was not willing to go out with Arnold.
12. Write a question about religious symbolism…
What does blue-eyes girl symbolize in the last paragraph of the text?

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