Consumer Decision-Making Process

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Jane Wilson has been experiencing cavities formation for the last two years, leading to pulling out of her two teeth. As such, she hopes to change the brand of toothpaste she has been using for the last five years. The decision aims at ensuring that she gets a better cavity combating brand. Apart from having her teeth pulled and Jane has incurred extra costs in dental services which her healthcare insurance does not cover.

Information Search

Jane starts by analyzing her habits by recalling the times she has used the tubes of toothpaste. Therefore, she realizes that they have been loyal consumers to one brand of toothpaste for the last five years. The consumer thinks that the only difference in the product is in its packaging and price. The manufacturers and marketers have to get practical in this product and ensure that it can function as described. As such, they have to go beyond differentiating the product packaging using attributes like color, shape, brand name and design as the primary strategy of combating competition (Oladede et al., 2015). When selling the products to a consumer who has been experiencing, it is essential to analyze the product ingredients before considering the packaging and other P’s of marketing.

Jane has good teeth grooming habits, and she is now left wondering whether tooth sensitivity is inherited and not indeed linked to one’s teeth grooming habits. The dentist recommended the toothpaste brand she is currently using and was not of much help. After sharing the issue with her colleagues, and on all her social media platform, she realizes that they all use different brands of toothpaste, and some of them suggest various herbal alternatives and mouthwash.

Evaluation of Alternatives

Jane had to revise her buying behavior due to the problems she experienced and has to evaluate different alternatives of dealing with her teeth cavity problems. Therefore, she decides to use more than one product including herbal toothpaste and mouthwash. Jane decides that she will be using her current brand of toothpaste and the herbal one in the morning and evening respectively, then rinse with mouthwash.


It is hard to know whether Jane’s decision to increase the use of these new products will prevent cavities. In addition to changing her teeth grooming habits, Jane decides to be seeing her dentist every six months for routine dental check-ups. It is unfortunate that dental services are not a part of her health insurance and now she will be spending much more on trying to prevent cavities formation in her teeth.


Oladele, P. O., Olowookere, B., Okolugbo, C. N., & Adegbola, E. A. (2015). Product packaging as a predictive factor of consumer patronage of Toothpaste in Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria. British Journal of Marketing Studies, 3(3), 12-28.

September 18, 2023

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