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A deal is more than just a two-party agreement. There must be a plan and consent, an intent to make the legally binding pact, merit awarded that is not primarily monetary, and the legal ability to enter into the arrangement freely (Hunter, 2015). Furthermore, there must be a proper understanding and consent to what is expected in the process. Any bullying, undue influence, or shady deals may render the contract invalid or unlawful.

Contracts can be confusing at times, so it is important that a person completely knows the terms and conditions before signing. If necessary, one should seek legal and professional intervention before committing themselves to a given contract (Hunter, 2015). The objective of this paper is to assess the elements of contracts that must be present before an agreement is executed as well as highlighting why the contract is protected by the common law. Moreover, the paper will also focus on circumstances under which non-compete agreement would be unenforceable.

Offer and Acceptance

A contract comes into effect once a proposition by one side is acknowledged by another party. The offer must be differentiated from simply inclination to do business or discuss. An offer must be made to a particular individual, to a group of people or the entire world if possible (Treitel, 2003). A suggestion is confident assurance to be assured as long as the conditions of the suggestion are acceptable. It suggests that there need to be reception of exactly what has been presented. Similarly, it is within the rights of an individual to withdraw the proposed offer before it has been accepted. Effective withdrawal means communication between the parties regarding the pullout move. Acceptance becomes effective when the individuals that are responding to the suggestion come to terms with it by way of an act or a declaration (Treitel, 2003).

Intention to Create Legal Relations

A bond does not come into effect basically since there is an agreement among two individuals. The parties needs to engage into the validly required contract that will hardly be stated plainly but will frequently be contingent from the situations that the deal was created (International Association, 2011). Agreements that are commercial are viewed as including an intention that is rebuttable so as to construct a legitimately compulsory contract.

Conversely, the law assumes that social or domestic transactions are not resulting in contractual relations. For instance, an agreement between family members will not be supposed to be the rightfully requisite agreement. People intending to impose a social or domestic contract need to demonstrate that they did aim to generate a lawfully binding contract (International Association, 2011).


The value present for the assurance of the other side is the consideration. The price needs to be of worth though it must not be cash (Treitel, 2003). The account might be right, concern or value going to one group. Besides, it can be tolerance, loss, loss or accountability offered, underwent or assumed by the other side. As long as there is the consideration, the law court will not query the competence of the process given that it is of some particular value. However, there is an exemption to the law in that documents under deeds do not need deliberation to be a requisite agreement (Treitel, 2003).

Legal Capacity

Not all individuals have freedom to enter into a convention that is valid. The agreements of people like as those with cerebral deficiency, young individuals, bankrupts, organizations, and convicts comprise of a challenging assent and are looked into distinctly (Treitel, 2003). Persons with psychological disability are vulnerable to enter into a contract they do not completely comprehend. The query of the ability to initiate a contact frequently rises when simply the deal is put in place. Individuals with incapacities will have some shield in the law that a bond does not consent and not valid except there is a valid accord to its creation (Treitel, 2003).


Engaging into an agreement involves the essentials of free will and appropriate comprehension of what all parties are doing. It means that the concurrence of every party in the agreement needs to be sincere. Only where the indispensable elements of appropriate accord have been issued is there a deal that is obligatory upon the groups. The decisive result of ensuring that no power approval was to enter the pact is issues dealt with when bearing in mind remedies for breach of an agreement. A suitable consensus may be affected by the incorrect statement, undue influence, and duress (Bishara, 2010).

Why the Contract is governed by the Common Law

Contracts for the sale of merchandises are organized by the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). It has a homogeneous pool of procedures that oversee the rule of commercial dealings (Hunter, 2015). Most countries have adopted the UCC fully or partly hence making the provisions provided by the law part of the state's codified laws about the sale of goods. However, the common law of contracts to a larger extent applies to contracts that are affiliated with services such as real estates, immaterial belongings, and occupation.

The common rule also trails a mirror image decree that requires acceptance to be the precise mirror image of the conditions stipulated in the proposal for it to be lawfully known approval (Hunter, 2015). It, therefore, indicates that as a chef under a two-year agreement with Fabulous Hotel, I cannot be hired by another hotel because I will be breaching the contract under the universal laws because I am still regarded as the employee of Fabulous Hotel.

Circumstances in which Non-compete Agreement would be Unenforceable

Whether entering into a business partnership or hiring an employee, it is important to consider using a non-compete agreement to protect future interests. The deal keeps those who have come into the contract on either side from using information from the sides to become a close range competitor in the market. However, there are instances under which non-compete agreement can be unenforceable (Bishara, 2010).

Time Limit

Courts will query how long the restricted contract time duration and is it reasonable compared to the situation in hand. Many non-compete agreements that are self-drafted tend to put time lengths that are not practical. However, in digital businesses such as marketing and design, the courts are less likely to enforce long times and will probably enforce agreements not to solicit clients of the other party (Bishara, 2010).

Geographic Scope Limit

It is important to know whether the geographic distance of the restriction is a reasonable one. Some businesses are not restricted by geographical range and the judges will probable to apply limitations on real businesses settings and restraints on imploring the customers of the other group (Bishara, 2010). Despite the reason that they are keen to impose limitations on clienteles in the confined locality, this frequently offers somehow slight safeguards for the industries that are digital. In this scenario, the non-compete agreement will be unenforceable (Bishara, 2010).


Entering into a contract is a complicated process that requires keenness and professional advice before making the step. It is constantly significant to have terms decided amongst the parties jotted down and attached or reserved with applicable documentations (International Association, 2011). Or instance, the brochures and the guides that were issued during the time the agreement was executed. Moreover, the receipts for the amount compensated must at all times be preserved because such documents are instrumental in resolving the differences between the parties in case of any dispute.


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