Corp of Discovery headed by Lewis and Clark

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The Discovery of Yellowstone National Park

The Corp of Discovery headed by Lewis and Clark were the first whites to discover the grander Yellowstone region, amongst them, a legendary hunter John Colter. Yellowstone National Park was revealed as an outcome of early exploration undertakings in America. During the years between 1804 to 1806, explorers, Clark and Lewis traveled the area where the park is situated in pursuit of a trade route that would advance their trade activities with the Southeast of Asia. John Colter is also an explorer who wandered in the area during the years between 1806 and 1810. He was the first European to see the Yellowstone thus he was referred to as the mountain man (National Park Service). The Yellowstone National Park is significant because of its size, its features, and also, due to its diversity. Being the first national park in the United States and the world in general, the Yellowstone National Park adds to the concept of American exceptionalism, since it makes the country unique.

Establishment of Yellowstone National Park

The national park came about when it was established by the United States Congress and in the year 1872, it was signed to law by President Ulysses Grant. It is well known for its numerous geothermal features as well as its wildlife. The Old Faithful geyser is one of the park’s widely held features while the national park is surrounded by the subalpine forest which is the most abundant ecosystem in the park (National Park Service). It also has nine main visitor centers which provide a severe for tourists. These features make the national park significant as they create it an attraction for local and international tourists.

The Importance of Yellowstone Park

Yellowstone Park, a 3,468 square miles locale is also the focus of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, the biggest enduring almost-complete ecological unit in the Earth’s northern temperate region. Because of this, it was branded a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The area then became a source of National pride and patriotism for the people. With its unique features, Yellowstone was also considered as more significant to Europe. The park houses numerous species of birds, mammals, reptiles and fish including endangered ones, and the vast forests encompass unique plant species. The visitors to the place were also amazed by the unique features thus the ground began to become famous in America (National Park Service). The park has opulent human and ecological accounts that continue to unfold. For more than 11000 years, people have spent time in the Yellowstone region, and various communities and groups have used the park as their residence, hunting grounds and passage routes before and after European American influx. The Yellowstone safeguards and construes proof of ancient human activity through archaeology and chronological preservation; fundamental features to how a group of individuals categorizes itself, and areas linked with a significant action, occurrence, person or group of people, that offers a sense of abode and identity. The park has historical possessions including; cultural landscapes, numerous spots, and constructions on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Growth and Conservation of Yellowstone National Park

During its early years, the park received numerous visits. In the year 1872 alone, for instance, the park was visited by three hundred guests. The number of guests to the place continued to increase gradually over time and by the year 1883, it received over five thousand guests. Vandalism and poaching in the area were however common during the early years until in the year 1886 when the army build Camp Sheridan to stop these activities. Disputes arose about preservation and conservation with John Muir arguing that the area is preserved and left undisturbed as possible. Gifford Pinchot, on the other hand, pushed for protection arguing that the resources be managed responsibly (National Park Service). The park has become the pride of America who now considers National Parks as democratic. It also brings out the positive and significant areas in America and helps to preserve their historical locations.

The Importance of Yellowstone National Park Today

The Yellowstone National park is vital for all groups and communities from all walks of life who show interest in nature and adventure. The visitors go to the park for vacation, fun and to relieve themselves from stress. It is also used to preserve numerous wildlife and plant species. Additionally, it also serves as a site for research about wildlife, hydrology, fisheries, fire ecology and many topics about nature (Ripple William J.).

The park exemplifies the importance of conserving nature as a way of maintaining the beauty of the world. Over time, changes have been witnessed in the park concerning the number of guests visiting the site. This number has increased over time. While at the place one is likely to enjoy the view at sight. The Yellowstone national park is an indication of the theme of preservation of natural species. Through its management, the park protects its wildlife from poachers. Other than providing facilities for visitor use and park management, many Yellowstone buildings have historical, architectural and engineering significance. This comprises 954 buildings, bridges and roads, grave markers, utility structures, and other erected landscapes. Today, the park has developed to manage around 83 million acres in all fifty states (National Park Service).

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