Counseling Theories Analyzation

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Part 1: Person-Centered Chart Theory Gestalt Theory is the second theory.

Theoretical Foundations

Humans are self-sufficient and have the power to grow (Rodgers, 2017).

Because the clients have all of the solutions, he may fix his difficulties through self-actualization.

• Self-awareness is reached when a person is aware of a psychological disorder and is prepared to work to end it (Bugental, 2017).

• Humans have a tendency to view things through the lens of their past experiences.

• Distancing oneself from the past allows one to decipher self-deceptions and rediscover oneself (Dryden & Mytton, 2016).

Human Characteristics

Human beings thrive in a loving, intimate and unconditional environment

Childhood experiences affect how one perceives themselves and their self-esteem.

People are likely to tie their past with the present, and this may hamper one’s fulfillment

Acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, reactions and thoughts presently could aid in resolving personal issues.

Major Constructs

Self-actualization is the only way a person can grow.

Having a positive self-image helps in growth and achieving one’s desires in life.

For self-actualization to occur there must be a connection between the actual self and the ideal self (Rodgers, 2017).

If people are aware of their perception and reactions, they can control their behavior

Holism is a concept applied in gestalt theory which focusses on treating the mind, body and soul of a patient.


Person centered theory can be applied to couples, adults with unmet needs, errant youths and depressed patients.

This theory can apply to people with deep emotional problems, who struggle moving on in life or forming intimate relationships.


This therapy is effective because the counselor does not impose his ideas on the client but instead helps him in self-identification

The clients feel valued and understood hence they are likely to open up and swiftly solve their problems

This therapy allows clients to be in touch with their innermost feelings

Role play for instance helps people to address their emotional wounds, thus helping them overcome their barriers and connect with their souls (Bugental, 2017).

Carl Rogers, 1940’ s

Max Wertheimer, 20th century

Part 2: Reflection

Question One

I would wish to work with teenagers with behavioral problems. This group usually tends to cause trouble in their various learning institutions and struggle to form good relationships with others. In most instances, the teenagers are unable to perform well in school and even when they later get their first jobs tend to produce mediocre work. The teenagers may be errant because they have a low self-worth due to poor upbringing and they do not understand their purpose in life. I hope that by working with these clients, I will successfully turn many teenagers’ life around which by extension will lower the risks of illicit sex, drug abuse, and criminal activities.

Question Two

The people-centered theory developed by Carl Rogers would be excellent for this client base. According to Rogers, every human being can grow if they achieve self-actualization (Rodgers, 2017). The theory would also be excellent for this population since it uses a personal approach, with no judgment and lot of empathy which allows the client to self-express and hence successfully work with the therapist towards recovery and self-actualization (Rodgers, 2017).

Question Three


Congruence refers to the agreement or the link between the therapist actions and his body language. For the counseling sessions to be useful, the therapist ought to mirror in his works the words (Rodgers, 2017). Congruence enhances trust between the client and the therapist (Dryden & Mytton, 2016). The client can hence open up and disclose all issues, which is an appropriate step to self-actualization.


Empathy would also be an excellent intervention in this theory. Insight illustrates that the therapist understands the position of the client which helps to build a connection (Rodgers, 2017). A client is likely to open up to an empathetic counselor which accelerates the healing process.


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