Crafting a Scholarly Article: Steps to Effective Research Paper Writing

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This document serves as a guideline on how one can write a good research paper or article in the field of Computer Science and Engineering. It describes information such as the kind of research topics considered important in computer science and engineering field, and what work constitutes research, how the research is done and written. It also explains the type of arrangement expected in a good paper.

Research in Computer Science and Engineering

Research in Computer Science and Engineering spans a wide range of disciplines that are critical to the developing field of information technology. The field of computer science and engineering is fast moving, diverse and at the same time exciting. Topics and questions for research in this field that are considered important to be pursued are those that address the challenges faced by humankind in their day to day lives and can be solved through computing. They focus on all societal aspects. Advancements in this era of the digital revolution are highly dependent on research was done in computer science and engineering. Such research topics range from the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Human-Computer Interaction, Robotics, and Ubiquitous Computing among others. The kind of work done when carrying out a research in this field is dependent on the research area. Research may require one to work in collaboration with others to realize their targets. Research requires investigating on previously done work in the same field. Research is done by first deciding on the area to be investigated.

Important Factors to Consider

When selecting research topics in this field, there are important factors that one should consider. The topic chosen should be one that an individual has interest in. this way one is able to enjoy investigating the subject matter and is less likely to find it frustrating and time-consuming. Also, the area of interest should stand a chance to impact or make a difference. It should better the lives of people. It should also be practical and achievable within one’s capabilities. Thereafter, one should research on what has already been done by others. This gives a researcher the opportunity to give credit to the work of others in line with research ethics. More so, a researcher is able to identify the limitations of the work done by others before as well as find a niche to be addressed by his or her work.

The Importance of Writing

It is important for a researcher to have their work in writing once the research work is done. Writing helps organize one’s thoughts and express their ideas and opinions. This provides evidence of work done and a chance to be acknowledged by others. Also, the material acts as an aid to help teach other people on the findings of a research carried out (Michael 110). It is recommendable that one writes as they are doing the research. In writing, a factual and formal tone in the third-person is used with a clear focus on the research problem being investigated. The style of writing should follow certain writing elements such as the use of academic conventions like citing sources, providing evidence-based arguments, thesis-driven and avoiding complexities in writing. Writers must also strike a balance in their writing between assumptions on what the reader knows and what they actually know. They should not overestimate a reader’s knowledge nor give them little credit (Ronald 9961). The structure of the paper should be organized in a certain manner. It should include an abstract that briefly states the area of concern, what the writer has accomplished and why the reader should care. The introduction follows right after that details the points in the abstract and provides indicators to the rest of the paper. The body describes the problem in detail, the approaches used and solutions met. It aims at answering whatever questions the reader might have. Include a section of related where one cites the work done by others. In the summary section, a writer should provide a brief recap of the work done and from the findings of the research provide insight into what others might do more in the future.

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September 11, 2023
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