Digital Craftsmanship: The Evolution of Computerized Programming

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Computerized programming refers to an elaborate type of logic whose creation draws a considerable reference from various kinds of programming languages. The programming languages are typically tasked with the duty of having a single set of tasks executed. Hence, a block of code may function by performing a single set of a specific subtask. When similar code blocks subject to a possible combination, programmers may achieve various types of advanced goals (Turban, Sharda, & Delen, 2011). The language used to write a particular program does not matter; the primary objective should revolve around the basic principle that, the goal of having the task executed gets performed correctly.

            Computer programs can always get embedded into most sets of machines like air conditioners and refrigerators. The running program typically assists in the overall orchestration of the hardware parts which always seem complex. In the process, the eventual desire and task of making the machines operate as cooling agents would then get performed.

            Secure programming is defined as a kind of defensive design whose intention helps to ensure the constant functioning of a specific set of software being worked on. As a result, the unforeseen circumstances would then get avoided. Secure programming enhances and ensures that the existing operations function with total respect to security, high availability, and safety. Besides, it checks for existing bugs which may exist in the current system; it also creates possible sets of mechanisms which help in the overall countering of programming challenges. For example, memory leaks, boundary value errors, butter overflows, and logical errors. However, the above-noted mechanisms have the responsibility of ensuring efficiency of computer programs. Most computer programs are normally attached to various sets of computerized concerns.

            This academic paper discusses the possible concerns associated with both secure programming and computerized programming.

Computerized programming

            Under circumstances where power failures become inevitable, computerized programs may fail to work. The computers tasked with the duty of ensuring an efficient program execution may shut down. Such an event would then lead to overall failure of the computerized system in question.

            Computer viruses may become responsible for corrupting the computer program hence leading to adverse consequences which affect the computer. Typically, such effects may result to complete computer shutdowns or even erroneous outputs. Hackers can also use their prowess to exploit the possible gaps and vulnerabilities subject to the program (Turban, Sharda, & Delen, 2011). Such an event has the possibility of engineering the eventual extraction of the computer’s sensitive data. The program’s output usually depends on the level of input by programmers. Even though, the computer programs may not have the capacity to check the completeness and accuracy of a specified set of input data.

            Computerized program is attached to some limitations. Programs may not have the needed capacity to exercise the optimal use of power in a given system where it is installed. In the course of time, computerized programs may fail to become useful. Besides, obsolesce may also affect a program’s effectiveness. The result of such limitations is the loss of jobs by people as the system becomes more automated.

Secure programming

            Secure computing may contain various forms of prevention cases whose effects may fail to arise. Such an impact leads to time wastage and depletion of useful man-hours during the process of coding. Extra memory space always gets used. Hence, systems whose operations functions from low memory bases usually subject to disadvantages. Most computers using large memories may have their systems become sluggish due to the process of incorporating some sets of conditions and checks before producing the desired output.

            A system having a low computation capability and power may hang because of secure computing. In addition, the users of computing systems need to take note of the specific sets of programming tools in use before considering the implementation of another secure programming code. For instance, Java compilers normally have an inbuilt functionality which helps in garbage collection. Therefore, there exists no need to implement an explicit garbage collection program.

            There is need to reflect about the corrupting nature of viruses while dealing with the UNIX based systems. UNIX systems always tend to operate in a secured manner when working against computer viruses (Turban, Sharda, & Delen, 2011). However, during its operation, the UNIX bases system provides an easy access of viruses to its general shell layer whose protection needs to get guaranteed. Some procedures become better when controlled manually, for example, the provision of inputs to a given set of program and ensuring a sequential running of the desired program through the General User Interface. The automation of some programmes, for example, complex calculations is essential.

            Secured programming needs to get considered under circumstances where it becomes limited in proportion and also absolutely necessary. Such practices ensure that the system does not subject to overloading. The balance of the computerized system and the manual action with a secured programming platform acting as an add-on feature is essential as it is deemed ideal in the contemporary world.


Turban, E., Sharda, R., & Delen, D. (2011). Decision support and business intelligence systems.           Pearson Education India.

September 11, 2023
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