Customer Relationship Management in Beauty Industry: Ulta Beauty

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Ulta Beauty and its Clients. Customer care is an essential part of any business sphere; it includes excellent service to clients, leading to long and enjoyable relationships. All customers want to have perfect treatment and service from the stores they visit. Thus this is an excellent platform for business owners of different ventures to get a desirable following. This article examines my experience of working at a chain of beauty stores called Ulta in seb=veral towns in different countries. I came from Rosewell, New Mexico. I consider myself a fan of make-up. In my collection of beauty products, there are so many products of brands that captured my attention that my make-up bag weighs almost 11 pounds. My partner gives me a shopping allowance every time we visit Ulta, with 200 dollars in my hands it is a rare occasion not to spend the whole amount. I have shopped in Las Cruces and Santa Fe in New Mexico, Lubbock or El Paso Texas, Ulta in Dallas because my boyfriend’s son lives in Lewisville, TX as well.
In the recent 2 years of shopping at Ulta I have experienced a dearth of customer care service, high-quality help, and kindness being an empathic and a passive person. I was brought up to be a kind and pleasant, there is no time that I don’t smile or come up as rude making it easy for shop attendants to interact and help me shop for the best.
On the fifth of this month my boyfriend and I took a trip to Albuquerque for some federal hearing and business. After taking care of the core reason for the trip, my boyfriend took me to my favorite spot in the universe (Ulta beauty) on sixth this month on 2100 Louisiana Blvd NE #51, Albuquerque, NM 87110.
I had my first ever pleasant experience in an Ulta beauty shop in a span of two years. It was on a Monday, not so many customers shopping when I checked in though I was not greeted probably because no one saw me going in but after up to five minutes of looking around Serena, a young lady became of so much help. I was checking some products and was going to request for some assistance in the future for more of the products from the back when Serena took the sample, found and brought me in a few minutes.
Serena’s service was desirable, a few minutes later she saw me gazing a type of highlighter, she grabbed two types of testers and a foundation that matched my skin perfectly and tried them on me. I was blown away for the first time at my favorite beauty spot Ulta for the great value of service, kindness and even praised Serena for her helpfulness and smile.
This piece of writing is not designed to attack Ulta as a business because it steals my attention when it comes to shopping but this is just to celebrate the excellent reception, kindness, helpfulness accorded to customers by the few devoted, caring and passionate shop attendants that makes shopping easy and enjoyable experience by offering desirable service. The people being hired at a place should give excellent customer care just like Serena in Ulta Louisiana Blvd NE #51, Albuquerque, NM 87110.

August 09, 2021

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