Customer Service Model

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Patient Satisfaction and Quality Care

Patient satisfaction is very significant in the provision of quality health care (Birkhauer et al., 2017). For this to happen, health care institutions need to develop quality customer service models. Quality patient customer service experiences are made possible by nurses. Nurse leaders should be on the forefront to provide a good environment for effective patient experiences (Sakallaris et al., 2016). The role of nurses is to serve patients by employing high standards of care.

The Customer Service Model

The customer service model employed in my health care organization is one that invests in patience, quality, and excellence. The standards that are set by the health care organization are such that quality of care is practiced to give the patients the satisfaction they need. The quality of the customer service is measured by the amount of satisfaction that patients derive from the health care institution. The rewards of the customer service model are the satisfaction of patients and the development of the health institution as a quality health care organization providing quality health care services.

Importance of Staff Training

For the customer service model to achieve positive outcomes, staff training is very important to equip the nurses with the right skills of attending to patients' needs.

Practicing Effective Communication

The customer service model works by practicing patience, attentiveness, and effective communication from the nursing staff to the patients. The nursing staff seeks to listen carefully to the needs of the patients, maintaining patience, and treating patients in a special way. For example, nurses in the organization treat old patients in a special way because of their vulnerability. Also, nurses always provide a listening ear to the families of patients in order to hear their views on how to take good care of them. This is done in order to foster excellence, promote effective collaboration, and offer quality health care services to the patients.

Linking Customer Service to Reimbursement

Customer service is so important that it is now tied to reimbursement. This is done to improve the quality of patient experience. A patient's experience is very important, thus the need to invest in quality customer care models.


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October 13, 2023


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