Cyber Bullying Today

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Jack Rivituso is an assistant professor at the State University of New York at Cobleskill's Department of Business and Information Technology. The author specializes in information technology, cybercrime, and Cobol programming, as well as informatics and information security. Jack Rivituso has taught a variety of information security courses, including information security, information security lab, management information systems, and others.

The source was first made public in 2014.

Cyberbullying victimization among college students: An interpretive phenomenological study is the title of the source.

A peer-reviewed journal article in the Journal of Information Systems Education is the source.The research question was ""to gain the fundamental understanding of the impact of cyberbullying has on adolescents and adults in college by looking at the phenomenon from the participants’ unique personal perspective” (72).

The author analyzed visual texts such as audio tapes, transcripts, and accessed them through in-depth interviews with the participants.

The author was exploring how the college students make sense of their lived life experiences especially after being involved in cyberbullying. As a result, the author selected participants who had different experiences in this field (72).

The author concluded that there are six themes generated from the study about students who are involved in the cyber abuse. These are repeated instances, mistrust in people and technology, friendship value, low self-esteem, self-control, stress, depression, and embarrassment findings as well as self-blame.

The article was relevant to the topic because it can be used by various people such as the college administrators, faculty members, as well as the medical and college counseling staff to create awareness among the students about the cyber abuse. Most importantly, it creates awareness about the psychological effects that the cyber crimes have on their victims. Finally, these findings establish the sensitivity and need to train about the cyber abuse in the society. The data in this research help me understand that the victims of cyberbullying have psychological issues such as low self-esteem and self-blame so I should be cautious when handling them.

Work Cited

Rivituso, Jack. "Cyberbullying victimization among college students: An interpretive phenomenological analysis." Journal of Information Systems Education 25.1 (2014): 71.

April 13, 2023
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