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Cycle of Hope: My Journey from Paralysis to Possibility

Tricia Downing used to be in the best shape of her life till summer of 2000 when life took a detour. She was coaching one afternoon when she had an accident with a car that turned directly into her path. The accident left her paralyzed. However, she selected never to give up in life. The novel Cycle of Hope: A Journey from Paralysis to Possibility gives an account of Tricia’s trip from the day she had the accident, during her stay in the hospital and her emergence as a world-class athlete.
II. Body
The cause why Tricia Downing chose the title of the book
The message the title communicates
The thing that captured my attention about the book
The A. interesting and boring part of the book
B. The lessons from the book and why I would recommend it to someone else
III. Conclusion
Tricia did an excellent job. She gives an honest story of going through the worst-case scenario. She did not try to hide her anger and frustrations. She weaved the story from doom to possibility, and this is what makes the story inspiring.

July 24, 2021




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