David Fincher

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David Fincher: A Renowned Director and Producer

David Fincher, an American director, and actor, was born in Denver, Colorado on August 28, 1962, and raised in San Anselmo, California. At the age of eight, he discovered his love of cinema. Fincher was a neighbor of filmmaker George Lucas, who complimented him on his curiosity. He directed plays and designed sets in high school. He began working as a production assistant for local radio outlets and became interested in theatre. Later in his career, he progressed his career by working as a cameraman at Industrial Light & Magic. When he filmed a video for the American Cancer Society, his reputation took a turn for the better. The film, showing a fetus smoking a cigarette, led to his popularity and attention from other producers and clients.

Notable Works and Career Challenges

Fincher is a prominent director and producer of music videos, movies, and commercials with some of his best works being the film titled Seven (1995). His career has come with several challenges and setbacks. Producing the movie titled Alien 3 (1992), for instance, was very frustrating for Fincher (Lacey 10). The director is renowned for the production of thoroughly worked-on films with thrilling and edgy subject matter. His notable scrupulous works and unique sense of style attract a vast audience and good review from critics. The 52-year-old director is renowned for cutting considerable budgets in the filming process that leads to classy productions (Nev 1). Recent films by David Fincher include House of Cards and Mindhunter among others. Fincher's successful career as a Hollywood star leads to the conclusion that exposure, hard work, perseverance, and consistency are associated with success. The director and producer leave a remarkable impact in the entertainment sector as actors, scriptwriters, and audiences have something to learn from his life's failures and success.

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