Death & dying, life & living. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning.

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According to Corr, Corr, and Bordere (2013), death is the term used to denote the end of one's life, while dying is the period that one goes through before losing his or her life. The author guides the reader through various facets of death, dying, and bereavement. This book combines classical and modern content, as well as current task-based approaches for people and families dealing with death. The tome is subdivided into sections including introduction chapters and conclusion chapter, which revolve around the subject of death and how people including the relatives of the deceased cope up with it. There are four distinctive chapters in this book which explains how children, teenagers, young and middle aged adults cope with death. From this point of view, it is clear that this book discus various aspects of religious and cultural perspective that affects one’s understanding as well as the practices associated with death

Even though death is inevitable, it is quite clear that people can devise methods under which they can cope up with the loss of their loved ones; for instance, their immediate relatives if not friends. Drawing practical guidelines from this book, one can contractively come up with communication strategies that may have encouragement to those who have lost their loved ones. This initiative encourages productive living just in case one if faced with a similar situation; that is, death. With the help of this book, one can navigate various aspects of death, which have not been fully exploited. In this manner, this source add value to my research since it provides fact hand experiences of the encounters of death and how people can cope up with it.

Croucher, K. (2012). Death and dying in the Neolithic Near East. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

According to Croucher (2013), death is an emotive concept that is highly personal, but still shapes and defines social norms. Croucher (2013) posits that most of the anthropological narratives do focus on the later aspects of death as well as dying. In contract, this book derives its ideologies from doctorial as well as doctoral study, which focuses on the agenda of humanized past, and experiences, examination relationships in order to build a better agreement of the mortuary performs of Neolithic Near East. This book is subdivided into sections, including the introduction section and conclusion section that covers interrelated themes of ancestors, death and dying, gender, identity and personhood. Croucher indicates evidence from the Natufian to late Neolithic and whilst themes are established throughout the book, her study reveals that similar procedures cannot always be deduced as the result of related beliefs.

This source takes a purposely interpretative stand; as Croucher emphasizes, it is vital to merge archeological model with robust and severe archeological data and study. Near Eastern archeological is indeed observing a new era of understanding, with advanced methodologies and procedures, shared with greater theoretic depth, facilitating book approach towards the examination of data. This source has the necessary information required for my research on death and dying. It explains and provides evidence of its reasoning, which can add value to my research. Moreover, it takes many aspects of death and dying into account. Even though there are some aspects with have not been fully exploited in this book, one should understand that this source has just but paved way for numerous studies concerning death and dying. To some considerable degree, one can utilize the ideological aspects of this book to develop other reasoning which might be somewhat better or even give a better understanding of the same subject.

Håland, E. J. (2014). Rituals of death and dying in modern and ancient Greece: Writing history from a female perspective. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

In this book, Håland (2014) navigates that reader to post-disciplinary or multi-disciplinary study of what might be necessary when one is faced with complex subjects such as death. In this manner, the book associates ethnography alongside ancient sources to determine the connection between the contemporary Greek death rites, and prehistoric sources of the matter of gender and death. The main subject in this source is the role which women play in connecting the cults of death in modern and ancient Greece. The studies mentioned in this source combined ancient historical accounts as well as anthropological analysis of present Mediterranean communities. Because death rituals are lasting and focal importance, which reflect how gender relates within a given community, the institution of death may play a critical vantage point to perceive a given community. Such comparisons are important in understanding aspects of death and dying since it exposes the reader to crucial aspects and role of rituals.

Based on rituals and cults covered in this source, it is clear that human in nature fear death. Throughout the historical accounts, one can highlight some of the way people were expected to cope up with death. To be specific, women play a create role in determining any community perspective of death. They are socially attached to people and they often affect by one’s death. From this book, one can understand crucial aspects and the role of culture when one loses his or her loved one. This book adds an in-depth analysis to the study about death; it highlights the role of culture when one is faced with complex situation like death.

July 19, 2022

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