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Inflicting death by force as a form of retribution for social wrongs is referred to as capital punishment. However, the employment of the death sentence as a punishment for crimes committed serves as a platform for many people to voice objections that either support or refute the choice of the punitive action (Thiroux, 2014).

Human life is valuable and precious, and as a result, no one, guilty or innocent, should be denied the chance to live. The book also emphasizes that an offender's life shouldn't be stopped by the actions he or she takes in the course of a typical day. Since everybody is entitled to a right to live, it is essential to ensure that a given person is in a position to enjoy his or her freedom of living without death prospects (Thiroux, 2014). Besides, capital punishment lays form a basis for killing even the innocent lives. Death penalty as a capital punishment exposes the societal members to painful yet torturous events.

Arguments for death penalty as a capital punishment

The cost of hosting wrongdoers in prisons and facilitating for their rehabilitation as compared to the death penalty is expensive. As a result, the prospect of using death as a punitive measure is a better option. Similarly, death punishment plays a significant role in ensuring a permanent elimination of the offenders in the society since they cannot escape prison after their death. As a result, the criminals are in a position of committing no further crimes since they are eliminated from the society permanently (Thiroux, 2014). Killing the murderous criminals play a vital role in ensuring the potential murders refrain from their acts due to the fear of the related consequences.


Thiroux, J. P. (2014). Ethics: Theory and Practice (11th Edition). London: Pearson Education Publishers.

April 13, 2023

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