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My Life in the Institution

My life is a shambles. After they placed me in this institution of higher learning, I've been hoping that my life could change. They call me a dustbin, a trash tub, a garbage can, and something else that has to do with garbage. This is my story.

My Ambitions and Mistreatment

I came to this school with just one goal in mind: to temporarily store waste. My job is not something I like doing. I tend to be more ambitious. I want to be like any other student on campus. Every day, they mistreat me for everything. Others are good to me, they show respect to me, do some cleaning to me and do not worsen my days than they already are. The ones that harass me are the worst crop of people. Some of them tip me over, others kick me, paint graffiti on my sides, stick all sorts of posters on my sides. They even force into eating some of the most horrible things you can ever imagine of in this world. Look, there is one thing I pride myself in this job of mine. I get to read some of the most confidential letters within this academic hub. The office messenger has his daily routine. He is one of my finest friends. He mostly feeds me paperwork, which is not any messier in most occasions only that he hardly forgets to shred them first. The best of them all is that gentle and cool school cleaner who attends me every morning. She has to put up with all that trash I was fed the previous day cleans me and lines a polythene bag on my inside just to protect me from too much dirt.

A New Year, A New Resolution

This is a new year. I have reported to work with a new resolution. Never again will I settle for anything less. Enough is enough. It’s time to make a choice, roll up my sleeves and embark on this worthy course. To be treated fairly by the students, attend with them classes sleep with them in their rooms, play games with them, go for night outs with them and every possible thing they engage in during their daily routine. I equally have my fears for this decision am yet to make. Am I equal to this task? How will my bosses perceive me? How will everyone else look at this whole subject? I am aware of a few virtues to carry along with me. Humility must be the greatest of them all. I must be honest, willing to make new friend and a constant desire to learn. Forward ever backward never, this cheap motto will keep steering me ahead.

The Chilly Monday Morning

It is a chilly Monday morning. The air is crystal clear and the morning long shadows are plainly distinct. The school is a beehive of activities just after a weekend spent lackadaisically by most students. Students are up, have prepared and hurriedly walking to their respective classes. I approach this young man with an average height, short blonde hair and casually dressed. I have known for slightly over a year now. He has been one of my very gentle friends. So, I approach him and ask he was comfortable with me joining him for classes that day. He surely is a nice person as he does not hesitate to give a positive quick response to this. He tells me he is name is Anvil. Obviously I have problems walking to class but he comes in handy and supports all the way. On our way to class, everyone is shocked but we keep ignoring. Finally, we reach the class which was not far way. We find a few people settled in waiting for the commencement of lectures. His classmates are receptive and good to me. Soon the professor walks in and greets the class. The whole class responds in unison. Anvil lends me a book and pen just before the lecture begins writing on the wall. Poor ‘Trash Can’, what is going on here? The only basic education I have is preschool nursery. Back then I could hear those tiny little kids shouting vowels all weeks through. That was when I began my nasty work and the kids were damping light paper into me. I made friends with them and they taught me how to read and at least spell my name.

Struggling in an Engineering Class

Today I am in an engineering class, clueless of what is going on. There I am seated among elites, the Albert Einsteins of Today. And look the worst is yet to come. I can barely hold a pen. Writing is a problem is to me. Neither can I comprehend what seemed to the student’s as the simplest of the facts taught. This is a dream to me. Fifteen minutes into time and can’t wait for the boring lecture to end. I speak inwardly to myself and I am convinced that perhaps I was too ambitious. This surely is not the place to be. Soon the lectures conclude and the second one is yet to begin. I immediately inform Alvin that I had to leave and will catch up with him later in the day. I return the pen and book that he had earlier lent me.

Searching for Knowledge

On that day I realized that it would be more of an uphill task trying to acquire knowledge. At least I had the opportunity to ever enter an engineering class and made a few friends. I would spend the next days roaming all the corners of the campuses yearning to know more. Then finally I meet a person resembling in everything except she is a female. We begin doing most activities together. This is my type. We will eventually fall in love and live happily thereafter.

November 03, 2022


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