development of a drug-resistant malaria strain in Vietnam

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Mike Ives and Donald G. McNeil Jr. wrote the paper, which focuses on the spread and growth of a drug-resistant malaria strain in Vietnam. According to the report, malaria deaths have decreased dramatically, with just 85 people dying of the disease in the area in 2015, down from 4000 people fifteen years earlier. This advancement can be attributed to the introduction of scientific science, which offers surgical alternatives to the disease. Malaria, in particular, has been eradicated in the area and around the world thanks to a combination of two medicines developed in China years ago. The scientists, however, express concern about a new drug-resistant malaria strain that has recently invaded Vietnam. The strain which originated from western Cambodia is reported to have traversed through Thailand into Vietnam.

Having reached Vietnam, scientists now claim that the parasite-carrying the strain might move further into other regions in the Southeast Asia and ultimately to sub-Saharan Africa. Artemisinin which is the favorite drug for malaria has been in use for long. The medicine is useful and has helped save lives especially in Asia and Africa. The introduction of artemisinin-resistant malaria strain presents a significant problem to pro-malaria regions. The reporters say that the new strain will raise severe threats to humanity especially if the strain finds its way into Africa. With this in mind, some experts and organizations have built to the occasion and mobilize efforts to prevent the catastrophe from occurring. Some companies have researched on the development of new drug combinations to control the disease with the first mixture estimated to be approved in 2022 or 2023.

Donors have also joined the campaign of preventing further spread of the disease by distributing mosquito nets and training health assistants in the region. Their priority is stopping the drug-resistant malaria from reaching Africa which they say will turn catastrophic if it does. Despite their efforts, the authors write that donors and medicine manufacturing companies will have tackle challenges in their pursuit. First, according to experts interviewed in the article, it is impossible to monitor the disease because it prefers jungles and forests that are difficult to access. Similarly, the disease target areas have inefficient services and resources. The healthcare system of regions like Vietnam and most parts of Africa are characterized by poverty and lack of infrastructures.


Company, The. "As Malaria Resists Treatment, Experts Warn Of Global Crisis." Nytimes.Com, 2017,

May 04, 2022



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