Different Leadership Styles

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In both leadership, the desire to help empower others in the organization is evident. Serving everyone equally, prioty is given to the needs of others without favoring individual.
Both leadership due to their transparency are similar in their leadership styles as they have plans to create a friendly working environment.
The other common thing is that the leaders instead of working in leadership position because of the rewards or status enjoy doing well to others.
However, differences between this two exist. First, authentic leaders try to be real while servant leaders attempt to be right in their operation of serving others in the organization. Authentic leaders are truthful to the colleagues in communication processes. Another difference is that the authentic leadership adapts new styles of coping up with the current changes in the surrounding, in contrary the servant leaders does not change to any retort but concentrate in their mandate of listening and helping others.

Authentic leadership according to this paper means:
The authentic leadership purposeful aims at providing accurate and reliable information not only to the employees but also to the stakeholders of the same organization. This helps the organization in a good structure of breakdown information on how best the duties maybe undertaken by employees.
Strategies that a leader can use for authenticity
The first strategy, the leader must be genuine to others in the organizations. The is a need to be truthful, for instance when there is a disagreement one has to express opinion in a respectful way that will not offense others. The second strategy in the authentic leadership is, listening skills, this helps in the communication within the organizations. The leader need to be very attentive when others are speaking and therefore making others feels that they are valued.

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August 09, 2021


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