Distinction between Management of Projects and Project Management

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A project is a series of tasks that require to be completed within a given time under limited resources to achieve a specific outcome (Champy, 2018). Since projects can range from simple to complex, they require effective management to be excellently executed (Management Help, 2018). This research paper discusses the distinction between management of projects and project management which are essential strategies for any organization to achieve its goals. While there are significant differences between the two concepts, they are both mutually related and interdependent.

One of the distinctions of project management and management of project arises from the timings in which their functions are executed. While Project management refers to the process of planning, organizing and managing operations to achieve a successful project, management of projects extend the concept of project management over and above its traditional execution focus (Champy, 2018). Management of projects mainly focuses on the strategic development of project before project sanction or execution. Project management, on the other hand, focuses on the realities of implementing, executing, evaluating and decommissioning of the project with the aim of achieving the planned outcome (Management Help, 2018).

Project management has a strict deadline and timelines in which the projects need to be initiated, evaluated and decommissioned following certain phases (Management Help, 2018). During the life cycle of a project, the project managers are required to carry out feasibility studies, plan, implement, assess and realize the objectives of the project (Champy, 2018). However, management of projects is a continuous process and has relatively less limited timelines. Management of project focuses on the broader aspects of an entity.

During project management, a manager is tasked with carrying out feasibility studies, project planning, project governance, resource allocation and management of risks. Moreover, the manager is required to not only carry out ethical analysis of projects but also implement project plan, communicate and evaluate the on-going outcomes (Management Help, 2018). On the other hand, Management of projects is primarily interested in leadership and how to improve project effectiveness and by extension, strategy development, and alignment, value enhancement, benefits management and success measures. The work of Management of projects is rigorous because it employs a wide range of methodological approaches applied on a large scale according to the nature of the problem (Champy, 2018).

Another distinction between management of projects and project management arises from the scope of the work of persons executing the duties (UCL, 2018). The primary contribution of management of projects is on broader societal challenges such as climate change, use of new technologies, and provision of infrastructure and improvement business performance. While project management focuses on some elements of management of the project, its scope is much narrower and mainly relate to the impact of the project (Champy, 2018).

Project management involves planning function of management that is guided by, establishing goals and objectives and strategies, allocating resources, identifying roles and determining budgets and timelines. Therefore, project managers are required to implement the project plans and establishing appropriate controls (Management Help, 2018). On the other hand, management of projects mainly focuses on the effects of the project context and the need to influence such settings. Therefore, management of projects provides a link between management of projects and project management as well as focusing on innovative approaches such as agile (UCL, 2018).


The distinction between management of projects and project management of projects arises from their objectives, scope of the work and guiding principle. Nevertheless, some of the aspects are mutually related. Management of projects provides a link between project management and enterprise management as well as focusing on innovative approaches such as agile project management.


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