DNA Testing

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DNA is a fabric found in every section of our bodies and determines the inheritance of human and animal characteristics such as color. Advanced technological know-how in science has produced ways of using DNA to clear up issues via DNA testing. DNA checking out involves a powerful device used for identification purposes. It has several uses and is utilized in making various conclusions. DNA testing is typically used in court cases to settle disputes or to verify evidence in a crime scene that can be used to determine whether or not a suspect is guilty or innocent. It is applied in parental trying out where a person wishes to determine if an individual is his or her organic child. Also, is applied where someone wants to identify if his or her biological parents. Additionally, it is utilized in criminal investigation to assist in identifying suspects and victims in a crime scene. Also, DNA testing is also a great tool that helps in establishing the chances of an unborn child developing genetic diseases, especially when there is a history of the same in a family. Besides, it is a unique tool that can be utilized to know more about one's ancestry.
DNA testing is differs from other types of evidence since it gives almost one hundred percent proof. The DNA material is unique to every individual and there is a negligible chance that some people share this material. Hence, DNA from an individual cannot be easily manipulated unlike in eye witness since the genetic material is found in every cell and part of the human body. In addition, DNA testing can be used in solving crimes that occurred many years ago since it provides accurate evidence. Besides, DNA is the only evidence that can be used in identifying remains of victims during destructive incidences such as fire, road accidents, and chemical accidents, plane crashes since it is found in close family lines and is unique for every person.

July 24, 2021



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