Doctor King's Use of Rhetorical Concepts

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Doctor King's use of rhetorical concepts in his writing is critical to interpreting and conveying the intended meaning. Each form of rhetoric plays a part in the final message of the article and adds significantly to the impact it has on the reader. The theory being advanced is heavily reliant on the use of rhetoric to guarantee that the article's result and message are as powerful and far-reaching as the author intended. In his article on “the ways of meeting oppression, the author bases most of the discussion and supports them using rhetoric such as ethos, pathos, and logos to enable the reader to understand the gravity of the issues being discussed. In the article, he focusses on the methods through which different people approach the idea of oppression. The rhetorical concepts are all aimed at the delivery of the article and intended message to the reader and ensuring that they understand the impact it causes as the reader knows it.

Use of ethos.

“As Shakespeare pointed out than flee to others that they know not of.”

The use of Shakespeare in this part of the article raises the characters of the idea of the sense of credibility of the author on the intended message that the reasoning on the part of the group that has been destined and how they respond to the idea of being oppressed.

“non-violent resistance is not aimed against oppressors but the oppression.”

In this part, the author focuses on the values in the individuals reading the article and channels on their values on the adversity caused by the oppression cases, which in their case is the pity and uses it in devising the explanation on the concept being raised by the author.

December 15, 2022
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