Dubin – “Defenders of the Faith: Twentieth Century Puritans and Connoisseurs”

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According to Dubin's book "Defenders of Faith: Twentieth Century Puritans and Connoisseurs,"

Moral crusaders are those who are troubled by other people's actions and take action to stop them. They accomplish this by pushing their own ideas, points of view, and beliefs on others as obviously correct. Their goal is to get regulations put in place to prevent these behaviors.

According to the literature, Reverend Donald E. Wildmon

is a Christian who chooses to fight moral corruption in society, particularly that which is transmitted on television, art, and other kinds of literature. His war is mainly targeted at television shows that seemed to promote irreligious or irreverent behavior such as sex and violence. His war also targeted human secularism and promotion of homosexuality, abortion, euthanasia, rape, and any other form of noncreative sex. He believed that the media, in general, had become anti-Christian and had led to the compromise of Christian morals. He took issues with the promotion of obscene behaviors on televisions and textbooks especially their exposure to school going children. He believed that humans had a moral obligation to keep such behavior in check. He advocated for the promotion of Christian religious views, morals, and values based on biblical teachings.

Moral crusaders had great effect on media content

mainly due to the means they employed to campaign against obscene features. It is due to their continued pressure that blockbusters failed to stock NC-17 rated movies. They also led to the introduction of illegal restrictions as well as the enactment of self-regulated production codes. However, some media houses such as CleaR-TV decided against changing any of their programming and production as proposed by the moral crusaders.

June 12, 2023

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