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It's true that making a lot of money helps people succeed, but it's not necessarily true that success equals getting a lot of money. Success is typically defined as the systematic achievement of one's aims and goals. Success is actually determined by one's knowledge and ability, and it relies on both hard work and respect. Even if someone makes a lot of money, they may still be considered poor in life. As a result, I completely reject the notion that success can only be attained through high income.

For instance, having excellent friends in addition to someone and providing for a better family go hand in hand with success. For example, a person well paid, with huge salary may think to be successful in life and fail to set time for family and friends. The person may suffer from neglect by friends and family members due to abandoning them. The person is not successful without family and friends though he has money.

Similarly, success depends on how an individual enjoys and spends their money. For example, a person may feel efficacious after donating money to the needy, hanging out with relatives and traveling. Similarly, earning money from illegal activities is not termed as a success. A drug dealer receives a lot of money but is unsuccessful since they spend their money in courts and end up being imprisoned which is a disgrace to their relatives.

To sum up, having a lot of money does not signify that a person is successful in life. For instance, freedom fighters can such as Mahatma Gandhi are termed as successful not because they had money, but because they achieved their goals in attaining freedom to the society. Therefore, success is not determined by money, but by how far a person has achieved their objectives in life, respect and the individual capability and knowledge.

2. With the help of technology, students nowadays can learn more information and learn it quickly.

Technology advancement has contributed to positive improvements in both learning and teaching. Technology through the invention of internet avails mass sources of information which is useful to students. Indeed, information is available easily and convenient to students everywhere hence students can access information necessary for their learning and learn faster as compared to before. Therefore, I strongly agree that, with the help of technology, students can find out more information and learn it quickly.

For instance, technology enables easy accessibility of mass sources of information to students. For example, billions of scholastic links are available on the internet which is beneficial to the learners. Initially, students would spend a lot of time and energy searching for information in the books available in the library which consumed a lot of time. Nowadays, a student's usually open links which have sufficient information within a short period hence more accessibility of data.

Similarly, technology facilitates efficient and effective learning everywhere. For example, currently, devices such as televisions, laptops, and smartphones have been developed to facilitate student's learning. Notably, students can easily use their cell phones and laptops everywhere and at any time to search for information and also do their home works. Televisions have video and audio programs to enable learners to understand faster specific projects.

In brief, technology facilitates more rapid learning and accessibility of huge volumes of information to student's hence quick learning. The availability of information through internet allows the students to spend less time while searching for information. Also, the internet provides information on numerous questions and solutions to the questions hence students can learn quickly. Finally, technology assists students in learning always and everywhere due to the development of portable devices used for learning.

3. People should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing.

Throughout the life of a person, life is full of compromises. Individuals always prefer doing things that they enjoy in life and avoid engaging in activities that they do not enjoy. However, some things may be unenjoyable in an individual's life yet they are essential for survival. For instance, some things in life are beneficial, and by doing them, personal goals are attained. Therefore, I agree that individuals should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing in life.

Besides, some tasks are personal and beneficial hence people have no other choice but to do the tasks despite that they don't like them. For example, doing home works and preparing for some disciplines like Sciences seems like a burden to some students. However, students need to work hard even if they don't like to attain a better grade. Also, doing exercises may seem not pleasing to individuals, but a person has to exercise for better health benefits.

On the same note, some things are compulsory in attaining personal goals in life; hence individuals have to carry out activities they don't like to achieve a specific objective. For example, people do enjoy working for extra hours, but since they have to achieve a given goal, they are forced to sacrifice their time and perform tasks they don't like for future benefits.

In conclusion, people should sometimes do things they do not enjoy doing. Besides, some things are beneficial for one's life such as visiting a dentist and doing body exercises for better health. Also, to attain certain goals in life, individuals ought to do things they don't enjoy. Indeed, doing similar things is incredibly annoying hence there is a necessity to take challenges and do things that a person enjoy doing.

4. The most important aspect of a job is not the money a person earns.

In a competitive world, money is the most significant aspect of a job. Precisely, people need money to achieve their goals and fulfill their needs. However, there is more in life rather than money since money cannot buy happiness. Individuals ought to look for several significant aspects of a job such as job satisfaction and healthy working environment other than high salaries. Therefore, I strongly disagree that the most important aspect of a job is the money a person earns.

For instance, job satisfaction and happiness are essential to a person's career. For example, Scientists such as Einstein invented new technology and did all the work for passion not because of money. Also, a person may get a highly paid job which requires night shifts and working on the weekends which might be stressful and tedious. Also, a person should consider right environmental working conditions which led to the improvement of employees working efficiency and makes one feel perfect for a job.

On the same note, the most aspect of job should be an opportunity to learn new skills in the place of work. For instance, graduates and college students ought not to consider the issue of money while looking for a job. Indeed, improving knowledge supports the growth of personal skills and knowledge at the workplace. Additionally, lawyers and doctors require a lot of experience to become professionals hence they would look for an opportunity to learn rather than money.

To conclude, the most significant aspect of a job is not the money that an individual earns. An individual should consider a job that brings happiness and satisfaction of one's goal. It's better to work for less salary rather than get a huge salary where the job is stressful and annoying. One should choose a job that brings gratification and pleasure. Also, a person should consider a job that gives them an opportunity to learn new things for future development in their career.

5. Sometimes experiences in our lives that seemed difficult at time become valuable lessons for the future.

The foundation of success is based on failure. A personal experience may look complicated as well as puzzling at a time but are for strengthening future. In fact, life is the ultimate teacher. The hard moments that a person encounters in life play a primary role as an active reference background in the future. Therefore, I strongly support that sometimes experiences in our lives that seemed awkward at the time become valuable lessons for the future.

Besides, experiences teach individuals not to repeat similar mistakes encountered in the past. For instance, it's impossible to make a mistake right, but a person can avoid repeating the error in the future. Also, challenging experiences gives people enough confidence to handle similar tough times in the future. For example, a driver may over speed or overtake and result in an accident. However, from the lesson learnt, the driver may not repeat similar mistake in the future.

Additionally, experiences that are difficult in life makes individuals secure in the future. As a matter of fact, an individual gains enough experience and ideas to handle harsh difficulties that may arise in future. For example, a person may be he heartbroken which is a difficult moment in life. However, after a time a person recovers and learns how to be stronger in life. Once a situation like such occurs, the person employs previous indulgences to handle the condition.

To sum up, individuals learn valuable lessons from painful moments that they encounter in life for future use. For instance, tough moments teach people on how to be strong in future and be able to handle similar situations. Also, experiences inform people on how to avoid similar mistakes in future. As a matter of fact, difficulties in the past does not make a person weak. In fact, it enables individuals to understand better the reason behind the moments and learn how to overcome such moments in future.

6. Modern technology is creating a single world culture.

Modern technology has created a monocultural world where the world appears like a small global village. People's ways of living as well as their lifestyles are becoming similar globally. Besides, people share information through the internet despite the distances. On the same note, individuals travel faster and quickly from one nation to another due to technological advancements. Therefore, I strongly support the statement that modern technology is creating a single world culture.

Besides, technology advancements in transportation have enabled individuals especially the tourists to travel faster from one country to another. For instance, when people travel to a given country, they adopt customs and lifestyles of the natives hence leading to single world culture. On the same note, people migrate to foreign countries to seek employment due to globalization and creation of multinational business, and hence they adopt a culture of the nation where they settle.

Furthermore, modern technology has enhanced the culture of communication and interaction all over the world. The Internet enables people to communicate easily, share emotions, views as well as knowledge. Precisely, modern technology such as television, the Internet, and electronic media are accountable for massive networking. People tune into stations which are connected to similar satellite hence similar TV programs. Also, English is becoming an important language for communication all over the world.

In brief, modern technological advancements are generating a single global culture. For instance, people share information faster through the internet. Also, through the invention of satellites, television all over the globe share similar programs which are evidence that a single culture in being created worldwide. Also, improvements in transportation have led to massive migration for business and tourism purposes hence migrants end up adopting some customs hence creating a monocultural world.

June 19, 2023

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